Treating Colds and Flu

Natural quick fixes for colds and flu


Winter weddings are romantic but often come with the risk of you or your partner catching a cold in the run up to your big day. Obviously, you don’t want to be left with a blocked nose, headache and that nasal voice we all suffer from when we have a cold on your wedding. Unfortunately, as with most viruses, you will need to let a cold run its course. However, there are many fixes to help you get over the virus and we find that some of the most traditional ones can help you get over your cold twice as fast.


Drink plenty of fluids. Although it is a myth that fluids flush out the virus, they can help you greatly along the road to getting better. Fluids such as water, juice, squash and lemon and honey flavoured hot drinks are all recommended. Try to stay away from caffeine and alcohol as these can actually stimulate your symptoms and make you feel much worse.

Humidity and a hot environment can help cure a cold. Dry air dries out the mucous membranes which is why colds are more common in the winter months. Keep warm as this will help to unblock your nose and avoid congestion. A good way to cure congestion is to take a steamy shower or relax in a hot bath.

When you are suffering from a cold, you need to blow your nose as often as possible...but in the right way! Sniffing will push the mucus back into your head which is why it is important to blow your nose regularly. Try not to blow too hard as this can cause earache. Instead, cover one nostril with your finger whilst you blow gently into a tissue through the other and repeat for the other nostril.

In spite of having a big event to prepare for, you need to rest! Your body needs to be given time to restore itself. You can still continue your wedding planning, but do it from the comfort of your bed and instruct your fiancé to pick up the flowers, order the invitations and complete other such elements of your wedding. This way, you are still in charge but the moment you feel too tired to continue, you can have a sleep, wake up and continue.

Finally, sleep with a pillow under your head. This will help to drain the nasal passages, helping you to breathe more easily at night.

Hopefully these simple fixes will ensure you have a speedy recovery and that you feel healthy and look radiant on your special day.

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