Winter Skincare

Looking after your skin during those cold months


If you are planning a winter wedding then start to think about your skincare routine. Loading up on the moisturiser is generally what most people do to keep their skin healthy during those cold winter months. People believe that simply because it is winter, this means that the sun is rarely out or much weaker.


This is untrue. The sun’s rays are still very harmful during the winter months and due to cold weather and wintry conditions, it is extra important to maintain your skincare regime.

Just a few simple measures can help keep your skin looking fresh and supple, whatever the weather conditions may be.

1. Water

This is incredibly important and a priority if you wish to have healthy skin that looks fresh and feels alive.

Try to drink eight glasses of water a day, as hard as we all know it can be, this is important for your general physical health.

Water is also an excellent anti-wrinkle cream as it fills up fine lines. Many cosmetic moisturisers contain pure water as an ingredient which makes the skin look younger.

The sun dehydrates and drains you body of its natural moisture. This can leave skin looking wrinkled and tired-out. Furthermore, the harshness of winter winds and the drying of central heating systems can increase this effect.

Smoking also de-hydrates the skin so giving up, or at least cutting down, is a good idea.

2. Moisturiser

Moisturisers should be used twice a day, not just on your face but also on the rest of your body. Find one that suits your skin type and remember, your skin type on your face differs to that of your body.

Moisturisers that are highly perfumed or brightly coloured and those that are especially expensive are not always the best on the market. The products that you apply to your skin should work to enhance your skin’s natural and beautiful properties.

3. Sun Cream and Sun Block

If you are planning a winter sun holiday such as skiing, sun block is an absolute must, and that includes wearing it on your lips. Even if you think you have stronger skin, you should still use sun cream and lotions are an absolute essential for those who are fair and burn easily.

‘Factor’ is what measures the strength of a sun cream, with dark or already-tanned skin needing as low as factor ‘10’,whilst pale skins should use high protection with factors going now lower than ‘20’.

Snow reflects back rays of the sun and so for any of those going away to a particularly snowy country during winter, skincare regimes should incorporate protection for this.

Cleansing your skin

Cleanser is used to remove any make-up, dirt or oil residue on the skin’s surface to prepare it for applying moisturising lotion. Stick to cleansing products that compliment your complexion.

Alternative ways of looking after your skin:

1. Exfoliating:

Exfoliating lotions remove the dead skin cells that live on the surface of your skin. They ultimately give you softer, smoother skin.

2. Sleep:

A good night’s sleep will relax your facial muscles, increasing moisture levels.

3. Fresh Air:

Pollution, traffic fumes and air conditioning can all contribute to skin looking dull and dry. Spend a weekend in the countryside or by the sea where fresh and unpolluted air will revitalize your skin.

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