A mid-range honeymoon is perfect for couples wishing to indulge in longer honeymoons, or those who simply don’t want to go overboard with their spending. A mid-range honeymoon by most accounts is a great way to go. You’re still experiencing great destinations, without falling into the trap of hanging around the overly expensive hotel room or spa to feel like you’re getting the most out of it. You’ll be in comfort wherever you go, but not to the point that you won’t want to get out and explore and have a great time.


Great mid-range honeymoons can get kicked off right in Ireland. Exploring your own country on your honeymoon can be a very liberating and retrospective experience. From Dublin to Galway, County Clare to Cork, and Limerick to Waterford, there are sights and experiences throughout our small country that beg to be seen. You can visit the world famous crystal in Waterford, or kiss the Blarney Stone at Blarney Castle. Or you can simply tour the pubs of Ireland, perfecting your dancing skills and knowledge of local customs and lore.

If you’d like to honeymoon off the Emerald Isle, Europe is just a short flight away, and offers dozens of great honeymoon destinations. Italy and France are renowned for their charm and idyllic settings, attracting lovers and honeymooners the world over. Switzerland offers stunning vistas and great opportunities for skiing or snowboarding to add a little excitement to your trip. The Netherlands is a progressive country where honeymooners can let loose and relax. Germany has transformed itself into a country renowned for its architecture and culture. There’s even pure relaxation to be had, such as the isles of the Mediterranean, where the warm sun and white beaches shine year round.

You could also venture a little further to the east, into Asia, a continent of generous hospitality, unique cultures, and ages-old sights. There are bustling cities crammed with terrific shopping and dining opportunities, and stays in 5 star hotels, such as Singapore, Taipei, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Kuala Lumpur. For a more serene experience away from the bustling streets, there are numerous small islands such as Bali, Phuket, and Krabi, exuding the old-world charm that is still present in much of Asia. Not only are the amenities and services in Asia top-notch, they typically come at a fraction of the price of what you’d find in Europe.

Asia is filled to the brim with markets selling every commodity imaginable, from silks and antiques, to high quality electronics. You’ll find yourself so entranced by the people and culture, and the ability to live beyond your means, that it may seem tempting to stay for much longer than initially planned.

There are so many opportunities for great honeymoons at affordable rates that it can be quite overwhelming. This is a once in a lifetime event though, so the best thing you can do is research and plan your trip to include everything that will make it as memorable as possible.

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