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What to Do in the Event of Rain on the Big Day

Rain, rain go away!

It is every couple’s idea of a complete nightmare and will undoubtedly disturb whatever precious sleep they get in the run up to the wedding day. What happens if it rains on our wedding day?

However many years a couple spends on planning their dream wedding, they still cannot control the weather and there is always going to be a chance it could rain on the big day. Necessary precautions should therefore be taken to prevent everyone from getting soaked.

A pretty, vintage umbrella can style up a bride’s gown whilst still ensuring that the dress and hairdo are covered, should there be a downpour.

Couples are not required to spend much time outdoors on the wedding day, apart from when photos are being taken, unless the reception will take place in a beautifully garden or under a marquee. If this applies to you, arrangements will need to be made with the venue manager to ensure that an indoor room is on standby as backup.

The photos are what most people are likely to be worried about. It is important that the bride and groom have a talk with the wedding photographer to discuss all the possible options available to them in the event of rain.

A professional photographer should have their own equipment in order to deal with the event of rain and they should assure couples that magical memories can still be captured regardless of bad weather. Some photographers even believe that rain can add a bit of extra romance into the day and that pictures can come out looking even better.

It is most likely to be guests making their way from the ceremony to the reception that will feel the full effects of the rain. Couples should therefore consider the distance between the entrance of the reception and the car park. If guests have a long way to walk, it might be worth asking the venue about their valet service, allowing guests to drive their cars to the entrance, leave it there and have somebody park it for them.

A wedding is, ultimately, what you make of it and rain on the big day should not dampen your spirits in the slightest!