Five Things Modern Day Couples Should Do After Saying ‘I Do’

Starting new wedding traditions


Weddings are often shrouded in ancient traditions, but as social media grows and grows, we take a look at five things every modern day couple should do after their wedding. Just remember to discuss with your partner to make sure you are both in agreement!

Update Your Relationship Status

So you’ve gone through all the stages — SingleIn A may have even thrown in an It’s Complicated along the way, but now it’s time for that final step — Married.

Relationship Status

Change Your Name

If you are changing your name after the wedding, then it’s not just your passport and your driver’s licence you need to worry about, changing your name on Facebook, Instagram and on your Twitter handle can also be big milestones as you welcome your new identity.

Instagram a Happy Wedding Snap

Give your wedding day an instant vintage makeover by uploading a snap of your happy day on Instagram.


Share Your Wedding Album

You are likely to have paid hundreds for your wedding photos, so make the most of them and share some of your most treasured pictures online. It’s a great way to share them with your guests and also with those who couldn’t make it to the wedding.

Don’t Forget to Switch Off on the Honeymoon

Although you may have had fun sharing your special day on social networking sites, all the likes, comments and any other wedding-related notifications can wait. Switch-off on your honeymoon and enjoy this special time together.


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