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Your Wedding Day the Way You Want It

Planning your big day how you want

You have helped your older sister pick out her dress after hours of going through bridal boutiques and attended countless hen parties and now, finally, it’s your turn! You get to choose the perfect dress of your dreams, pick out the venue that will impress your guests and choose the most professional of photographers to create stunning memories that you will show off to everyone. It is time to start planning your perfect day.

If you are in a situation whereby somebody else, for example either your parents or his parents, is paying for your wedding, you should still try to communicate with them as much as possible. Although this is your day, the various parents will still want a regular update on how the wedding plans are running. Once the guest list is finalised and the location approved, you can begin to take on the fun tasks. It is more than likely that your mother will want to be involved as much as is possible and particularly when it comes to intricate details such as flower arrangements, favours for guests and of course, the wedding dress. Try to keep her involved by finding jobs that won’t mean she will take over. If you have spotted your perfect dress in a store, try it on with a friend to begin with and then take your Mum along to approve of it. Even though mother’s opinion is very persuasive, it is also usually right. However, if you have your heart set on the €3000 Vera Wang dress of your dreams then you should go for it.

Bridesmaids, best men and ushers all like to be involved in some part of the wedding and they will be more than willing to lend a helping hand at various points in the run up to the big day. Staying organised and even delegating jobs to people in your wedding party will help to keep them feeling involved. Before you start handing out various jobs however, make sure that the person you have trusted to complete a task, fully understand what it is you are asking of them. If a job is not done to your standard, you will have to do it again which will waste time and cause stress. Clear and concise directions are therefore vital.

You will undoubtedly want to use suppliers to help create your wedding day such as a cake maker, a florist, a wedding venue, a hair and beauty stylist etc. They all will have consulted with couples in the midst of wedding planning in the past and will be trained professionally in their relevant field of work. They will offer their advice and make various suggestions which you should take on board. Do not by any means however, feel pushed into anything that you are not fully comfortable with. You are paying them for their service so you will need to be completely happy with everything before putting down a deposit.

It is a good idea to sit down as a couple and make sure you both agree on all details of the wedding before any major decisions are made. If you find that there is something you cannot agree on, we suggest starting over from scratch and continue until you are both satisfied.

Top Tips from

  • Delegate out jobs to various members of the wedding party and inform anyone of any changes during the planning process
  • Ensure that the person who is paying for the wedding can be involved in some part of the planning
  • Discuss all important wedding planning decisions as a couple before you spend money.