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We have fallen head over heels in love with House of Mooshki and we are sure you will too when you see their stunning designs and fresh approach to modern day bridalwear. We spoke to with Managing Director Vikki McCarthy and Creative Director & Designer Olivia White as they share their history, their future and how they’d love to dress (and be best friends with) Jennifer Lawrence.

House of Mooshki

Tell us a bit about House of Mooshki

Mooshki began nearly 5 years ago, we started as a small bespoke company creating one off designs for brides. Our first collection comprised of only five dresses featuring slightly vintage elements but for modern day brides. We did a little shoot and we haven’t looked back since! It has been five years of perfecting the inner bodice work that our brides love us for and we see over 100 brides a year on the bespoke side. We have also been building our names on the retail scene with a current count of 33 stockists meaning brides all over the nation can be part of the Mooshki Club!

House of Mooshki

One of the things you specialize in is creating gorgeous bespoke and custom made gowns, how do you get inspiration to create so many different designs?

Our collections are based upon the success of our bespoke brides that we have seen over the past five years, we have listened to what real women are looking for to wear on their big day, along with what actually suits each person individually. Combining this with my love of the old couture houses of the late 50s and early 60s, along with the sheer elegance of women of this period the ideas are endless. As I design each collection we have to be ruthless, both myself and Vikki will sit down and pick apart the collection getting rid of or saving some designs for a later collection — although by the time that comes around we already have a million new ideas and inspirations! We are just about to launch our AW14 collection, our SS15 Collection is being finished as I type and I am about to sit down and design is crazy!

House of Mooshki

When a bride comes to you wanting a custom made gown, how do you begin the design process? Do you prefer the bride to bring photos and ideas or to be a blank canvas?

Before looking at any inspiration we both sit down with our brides and get to know them. Personalities and individual needs can dictate a design as much as fashion influences can. Learning about the bride is the first step, her day, her needs, things she wants to enhance and things she may want to conceal, what will suit her, what she likes and sometimes what she hates! You can sit there and design all day to your heart’s content but unless you listen to what real women actually want and need you will just be another pretty dress on the rail.

House of Mooshki

Your collection is filled with stunning shorter length wedding gowns; do you think modern brides are going against tradition as shorter dresses grow in popularity?

There will always be a place for tradition and everyone sees tradition in different ways. I think, like women of the late 50s and early 60s — where women were stepping out of their mothers shadows and rebelling, opting for something different — brides of today don’t feel the need to conform. Not only this but women of today know what suits them and even more importantly know what doesn’t suit them. Just because it is your wedding day does not mean that you have to forget who you are or be somebody else. At Mooshki we embrace individuality and personality, whether you are a demure bride who wants to cover up, a practical bride that wants pockets and no fuss or a crazy cat that will swish in her dress until the early hours. We have to remember that times have changed, brides are of all ages and whether it be the first or second time around you should always be able to wear what you have always imagined yourself in.

House of Mooshki

Are there any celebrities you would love to design a wedding gown for?

This is a question that usually leaves me stuck not being much of a celebrity follower — real women are our inspiration which is why our answer would have to be down to earth and maybe slightly fun and crazy women like Adele, Pink, Lily Allen, Lana Del Rey and our latest fave...Jennifer Lawrence...she seems nuts and I think we could be best friends!! (Olivia!!)

What wedding dress trends do you think will be big for 2014 and 2015 brides?

Soft and warm colour ways of blush and light champagnes. Our trends are of course our flirty tea lengths and ball gowns which are classic staples and here to stay. We are also incorporating and heavily featuring another trend this season, the sophisticated and stunning pencil dresses with full and dramatic detachable trains, whether you are looking to change up your look throughout the day or if it is your second time around and looking for something a little more inspired!

House of Mooshki

How can brides get in touch with you?

Our website and Facebook pages are the first port of call. If you want to email or ring you will go straight through to our designer Olivia or Director Vikki, you can also find your nearest stockists on the website and join the fun on the Mooshki Facebook page.

Anything else you would like to add?

Welcome to the Mooshki Mad House!!


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