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An Interview with Rachel Fox Photography

Advice from an expert
Rachel Fox Photography

We chat to Rachel Fox of Rachel Fox Photography as she tells us how she started in wedding photography, shares her top tips for brides and explains why wedding photography is her passion!

Rachel Fox Photography

Tell us a bit about Rachel Fox Photography...

From the very beginning I knew I wanted to specialise in weddings, which I have been doing since 2008. I run everything myself from initial enquiries right through to the final stages, ensuring every client gets my full attention throughout the experience. Weddings are a once in a lifetime occasion for most people, from the excitement of booking the day to the memories couples are left with this should be an enjoyable experience and for this reason I take a more friendly and open approach, guiding my clients through the stages and ensuring things go as smoothly as possible for them. For me, my work is much more than a business transaction, it is something that I put my heart in to, that I love to do and I strive to ensure that comes across in my dealings with my clients.

Describe your photography style to us...

I like to focus on the natural moments of the day, documenting from start to finish the details, style and people. For the formal session I like to ensure the photography is quick and painless, getting to know my couples and ensuring they are comfortable with me means they are more likely to relax and give me natural smiles and emotion. Creating an environment that produces real fun and laughter is a must so I always make sure to get some of the fun shots in with the bridal party too and take as much time as I possibly can to get around to meeting guests also. I guess if I was to give three words to describe the way I work and the results of my work those words would be, natural, fun and relaxed.

Rachel Fox Photography

What led you to work in wedding photography?

I worked at various different jobs before becoming a photographer, I quickly found the normal 9-5 wasn’t me, with my background in management and customer service, my childhood fascination with photography and my inner computer geek I eventually figured it out and took on a course. After studying I pretty much went straight into weddings, I was recently married so I knew all about weddings and having young children myself I knew if I was going out to work I would rather it be with adults so I just pretty much went straight for it.

Weddings are seen to be a huge amount of pressure, you have that one moment to get that shot or you will never get it again, in that moment you need to correctly read the light and the atmosphere, compose to perfection and be ready for the next move also because once it is gone, it is gone. It always sounded so scary but once I took the step all of a sudden it wasn’t. I thrive on the fun and laughter, the emotion and the tears but that pressure so many photographers would talk about, I don’t feel it, I love every second, I love that for a day I become so close to people that were once complete strangers that I laugh with them, cry with them and feel the gravity and importance of this one moment in time. The experience of photographing a wedding is comparable to none, every single one completely unique and telling its own story, this is something I would happily do until my dying day.

What would you suggest for couples that feel uncomfortable being in front of the camera?

Don’t. Simple. Really though, find someone who you feel completely comfortable with, someone you trust to ensure you are looking the best you can and there is no reason to feel uneasy. Once that person can make you relax and release any inhibitions then there is nothing at all to worry about.

What are your goals when you shoot a wedding or engagement?

Ensuring my clients enjoy the experience is always my top priority. With so much experience behind me I now know I can work under any conditions, I know the quality of my work from start to finish is consistent and my clients have chosen me based on this so the only thing I need to worry about is their enjoyment. The best way for me to meet this goal is to plan ahead so from the initial booking stage, together with my client, I would plan a timeline for the day and explain to each couple what they can expect, not only from me but for the day. Creating a good timeline ensures that from the get go there is a stress free day, from getting to the church on time to mixing with guests and dancing the night away, preparation is the key to perfection.

What is your favourite wedding shot?

Ooooooh this is such a hard one! Again every wedding is unique so with one wedding it might be a prep photo and another may be a ceremony. Honestly though, my favourite photo from any wedding is the one I can feel, I know the emotion that was portrayed for each shot and when I can feel the emotion from the shot, this is my favourite.

How can brides and grooms get in touch?

By phone and email. Unless I am working a wedding I always have the phone close by, clients get in touch with me through my site, direct email, facebook and by phone on 087 6719739.