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Active Honeymoons

If lying on a beach doesn't sound like your kind of honeymoon, an active honeymoon might be better

If lying around on a beach all day isn’t really your thing, an active honeymoon might be just right for you. There are several destinations around the world where you can combine city and culture, or surfing and trekking, whichever suits you best.


If it is snorkelling along a beautiful coral reef, or walking around a giant aboriginal rock is what you are after, then the Northern Territory region of Australia might be an exciting option. Australia is full of amazing things to see, and even though it takes a long time to travel there, the journey can easily be broken up by stopping off via the Far East or even the other way around the world to California. Making a longer trip will allow you to explore more of the world. You could even pop over to New Zealand, and if you are really adventurous hire a camper van and drive from the North to the South, to tour the beautiful scenery and surroundings that the country has to offer. Bungee jumping and white water rafting are just a few of the exciting things to experience in this part of the world.

If you wanted to stay a little closer to home there are some magnificent views to be seen in the hills of Scotland where people could go mountain biking or hiking to satisfy an active crave. The Lake District in the UK also has a lot of activities to explore whilst you are there, not to mention the beautiful world famous scenery.

If you wanted to be a little more adventurous and experience a natural wonder of the world, Egypt is a popular choice. Riding on camels around the pyramids, or scuba diving in the Red Sea will offer you a diversely active honeymoon, with a little bit of sun included as well. Continuing with Africa, a South African safari would certainly be active. Even though sitting on the back of a 4 wheel drive land rover for 6-8 hours a day does not sound that exciting, the energy that you use up looking out for the Big 5 will certainly leave you with just enough strength to taste a zebra, crocodile or ostrich for dinner.

Heading further around the world, the United States of America is home to some of the worlds most beautiful golf resorts. If you are a golf fanatic, South Carolina, home of the world famous Hilton Head will provide you with breath taking sandy beaches and some of the best golf resorts on the planet. Boca Raton in Southern Florida is also famous for its magnificent golf clubs and courses, not to mention its class and style. Water sports and beach activities can also be enjoyed in many states all over America. Heading south to Mexico to swim with dolphins could certainly be an amazing experience, however for an all American vacation with a twist, a cattle drive in the mid-west would certainly be a once in a life time adventure. As you ride a horse like a cowboy/girl from the north to the south, rounding cattle or horses through desert and canyon scenery.

Whether it be riding an elephant in Goa India, skiing the beautiful slopes of Aspen Colorado, or climbing across the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia, you are bound to find your dream active honeymoon somewhere around our amazing planet. Branded travel agents and various websites will give you all the information and inspiration that you will need in order to have the most creative and active honeymoon ever.