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Luxury Honeymoons

Want to splash out on your honeymoon? Have a look at our advice for a luxurious honeymoon to remembe

If you’re ever going to indulge yourself in a luxury holiday, doing so on your honeymoon< would be the ideal time to do it. What better way to spend your first days or even weeks together as a married couple, than by being pampered by the finest resorts in the world, viewing breathtaking sights, and relaxing from all the bustle and hubbub leading up to the wedding.


Luxury can come in many different forms, be it a suite overlooking the Las Vegas strip, a resort on one of the impeccable islands in the Maldives, a 7 star hotel in beautiful Dubai, or a stay on one of the pristine islands of Malaysia.

Luxury is all about high quality and relaxation, in beautiful surroundings. Even closer to home, there are opportunities for luxury at every turn. Europe has plenty of luxury honeymoon possibilities, all in settings wholly unique from one another. From Paris to the Mediterranean, London to Rome, locations throughout Europe provide five star accommodations, stunning architecture, and glimpses of the past at every turn.

If being pampered beside your love is what you have in mind, then Asia is unquestionably the destination for you. The Far East combines world class customer service with vibrant cultures and charming vistas. There are bustling global cities, and islands devoted to tourists and honeymooners abound, all filled with beautiful sandy beaches and relaxing resorts.

If you’re idea of luxury involves a touch of adventure, then South Africafits the bill nicely. You can be staying in a 5 star hotel in Cape Town one day, and the next be guided through the wild on the safari journey of a lifetime, getting up close and personal with animals in their natural habitats like never before. You can stray just far enough off the beaten track to return to your comfortable hotel amenities at night, or venture deep into the wilds, spending your evenings among others at one of the safari camps dotting the untamed landscape. If spending your evening soaking away the dust and sweat of a day spent out in the wilds, with the possibility of a giraffe poking its head in through your open window sounds luxurious and adventurous, South Africa is the place for you.

Of course, there’s no need to feel locked into a specific style of trip on your honeymoon. In fact for the best of both worlds, you may want to spend the first few days of your trip roughing it in some exotic locale, and the final few days living it up and relaxing away the previous days at a world class facility. Most locations offer amenities for any budget, so if you’d like to extend your honeymoon beyond the original plans, don’t feel like you need to break your bank doing it.