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Essential Emergency Kit

A bride's essential emergency kit

Your smile should be gleaming, your make up will need to look as if you have been airbrushed, throughout the day and your body needs to feel refreshed and alive. You won’t necessarily need to pack your entire makeup draw in order to achieve this, but simply packing a few of the essentials listed below should make your big day a bit easier on you.

A good quality lip gloss will last you for several hours. Topping it up throughout the day will keep your lips looking utterly kissable and shiny throughout the duration of the day. A good waterproof mascara and eyeliner are also both important to make your eyes sparkle in your photographs. It is also wise to keep a small pocket packet of tissues for the emotional speeches part of the day. A mint to refresh your breath after dinner will keep you feeling confident.

We also suggest keeping a handbag sized packet of baby wipes and a mini deodorant or tester sized bottle of the perfume you are wearing to keep your body fresh throughout the day. A small bottle of water and some paracetamol will keep you from feeling de-hydrated and headachy as you will be talking a lot and taking in many memories throughout the day. Your elegant and possibly quite complicated hairdo will most likely need a re-hold throughout the day and so we suggest taking along a mini bottle of hairspray. To smarten up an unexpected broken nail, we suggest taking along a nail file. You may also want to consider packing a mini sewing kit for any last minute dress disasters. Finally, a few extra bobby pins should make your emergency kit complete and leave you feeling stress free, knowing you have every eventuality covered.

Ask your maid of honour or bridesmaids to help you collect all the products you need for your kit and could also look after it for you through out the big day. Consult some friends who have recently been married as they might give you a good idea of what else you will need to include in your kit in case of emergency. Check all your contents the night before the wedding day and you will feel confident and ready when it finally comes around.

Top tips from

  • Ask a bridesmaid to look after your essential emergency kit for the duration of the day
  • Keep all the contents simple
  • Prepare this kit a few days before your wedding day to avoid any last minute panic attacks.