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10 Unique Wedding Guestbook Ideas

Life is as good as the people you spend it with. Treasure this momentous occasion forever through the words and mementoes of those who attend. Here are 10 unique wedding guestbook ideas you can choose from to feature at this milestone event.

Traditionally, wedding guestbooks have been precisely what they say on the tin: books where wedding guests can write a message to the newlyweds. However, more and more modern-day couples are breaking from this old way and opting for a more creative and personal means of documenting their guests. 

Guestbooks have become more than an inscription on a page. People getting married are swapping books and pens for Polaroid cameras, vinyls, playing cards, and more. Much more emphasis is being placed on the couple and their interests, making the art of guest booking a far more personal and creative affair.

Take a look at this list of guestbook ideas we have compiled and see what best suits you and your partner.

1. For the Record – from €13.49, Etsy

Guestbook written on a vinyl record

Let the record show all the names and messages of those who attended your special day. For those with a special love of music, what better way to mark this milestone than with a vinyl record for your loved ones to sign? Choose a song or album that holds a place in your hearts and welcome your nearest and dearest to inscribe a touching note for you to cherish for years to come. This unique guestbook makes for a wonderful keepsake to display in your home as a reminder of the day two became one. 

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2. Signed, Sealed, Delivered – €82.88, Etsy

Postbox to send postcards for wedding guestbook

Love knows no bounds, and for those couples with the travel bug, a unique guestbook like this may be the perfect match. Set up a station where guests can choose a postcard to write an inscription. Feel free to personalise this as much or as little as you want. Some choose to feature postcards of places they’ve visited, others pick bucket list destinations, and more collect randomly - the choice is entirely yours! Adding a postbox where guests can “send” their finished postcards is a great way of tying up the whole process and allows you to save them away for a future anniversary. 

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3. Snap and Shake – €74.99, Camera Centre

Polaroid pictures hung up with written notes from guests

A picture speaks a thousand words, and with polaroids, the options are endless. All you need is an Instax camera; your guests can handle the rest! Leave it in a well-placed area in the venue and encourage your guests to snap pictures and write their names on the white border. You’ll be left with an album of faces you love from a day you will treasure forever.

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4. Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve – €27.61, Etsy

Write your wedding guestbook messages on a deck of cards

You’ve played your cards right and ended up with the partner and celebration of your dreams; now it’s your friends and family’s turn to make their move. Personalised playing cards are a perfect option for those who are fans of card games. However, this adorable sentimental touch suits anyone looking for a simple and unique guestbook idea. Create a series of cards with a picture of your choice and a space for guests to write an inscription on the back. 

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5. Message in a Bottle – €30.06, Etsy

Message in a bottle guestbook

Have you ever felt the urge to bottle up a feeling or moment and keep it forever? Well, with this unique guestbook technique, you are granted this privilege! All you need is a glass jar, some pens, and some paper. It couldn’t be simpler and makes for a stunning display to lighten up any room. Keep them aside for a year, and on your first anniversary, you will have a lovely treat waiting for you. 

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6. Hello Mr & Mrs – €170.30, Etsy

Audio guestbook telephone

“Ring, ring! You’ve reached the newlyweds; please leave your message after the beep. Beep!.” 

Good friends are only a phonecall away, and with this distinctive voicemail guestbook, your loved ones' wise words will be frozen in time for you to listen back on for decades to come. What could be more special than having a collection of your guest's voices speaking heartfelt words on your wedding day? 

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7. Around the World – €89.22, Etsy

Jot your wedding guest notes on a world globe

FoI have just the guestbook for couples with itchy feet who may have planned the honeymoon before the wedding. The Globe Guestbook encourages guests to write a note directly onto a globe. The finished product is a sentimental ornament that can be displayed in your home. It’s an excellent way for couples to combine the people they love with their love of travel.

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8. Build Your New Life – €52.82, Etsy

Jenga block guestbook

It’s time to build your new life together, and what better way than with the help of your loved ones? Step by step and block by block, you and your new spouse are going to master married life. This Jenga Guestbook is a perfect figurative way of looking at marriage and is a fun way of documenting those who attend your wedding. Invite your attendees to take a block, leave a message, and stack it.  

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9. Complete the Puzzle – €42.20, Etsy

Jigsaw puzzle guestbook

Your other half was the missing piece to the puzzle, and now that you’re united, a happy married life is on the horizon. However, life would not be the same without all the other important pieces too. The Puzzle Guestbook is a heartwarming way of celebrating all our connections and the beauty of these bonds. 

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10. Simplicity is Key – €69.32, Etsy

Keep it simple with writing wedding messages around a picture of the happy couple

Less is often more, and with this beautiful, simplistic guestbook, you certainly won’t be lacking. Invite those attending your wedding to sign a canvas and then later have it framed with a picture of you and your partner from this special day. This stripped-back version of a guestbook creates the perfect opportunity for couples to hang a piece of this momentous occasion on the wall of their home to treasure forever. 

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