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Gift ideas for your best ladies


They were dragged along to every wedding fair in Ireland, they watched you try on about 100 dresses until you found the one and they helped tie the pretty ribbon on hundreds of favours for guests. They threw you the hen party of a lifetime, they were honest about your hair and make-up trials and they will even hold up all the lacy white layers of your dress when you need the toilet. We are indeed talking about those special friends that have helped to create an unforgettable wedding experience with you. You cannot put a price on the unlimited support they have given them and we are sure you will want to buy them a gift to show your gratitude, but what to buy?

Whether it is your sister, your best friend or your mother, giving them a present for all their effort will leave them with a lasting memory of your wedding experience. Any gift is given from the heart and it doesn’t have to be extravagant or break the bank, its value is what is important. It is always nice to receive a gift and your best girls will undoubtedly be overjoyed with whatever you decide to give to them. We have offered a few ideas based on gifts online, luxury gifts and budget conscious gifts of under £20 in value:

Because you will have a million things to do already, trawling the busy high street on a Saturday looking for gifts for your best girls is unlikely to be very appealing to you. So we recommend sitting down at your computer one evening and do it all in one big swoop. Many department stores and supermarkets offer online services that deliver to your door. A DVD box set of their favourite programme, a pretty photo album that you can fill with photos from the past or even a yummy hamper with lovely goodies are all excellent ideas for a wonderful gift.

If you would like to splash out and say a massive thank you to all your best girls, perhaps surprise them with a luxurious treatment at a spa. A long body massage or a full day of pampering will be well deserved and will leave your girls feeling relaxed and revitalised. Digital photo frames are incredibly popular at the moment and pre-loading a picture before you give it to her is extra thoughtful. A stunning piece of jewellery or an iPod are both also extravagant gifts to give them to say a huge thank you.

Everyone knows that weddings are becoming incredibly expensive and more so every year. If you are looking for a few gift ideas that are priced around the £20 mark, we are here to give you some ideas to help stop you from breaking the bank. If your bridesmaids enjoy arts and crafts, but a selection of craft items and display them in a pretty basket. All ladies love bath and shower products so buy some luxury spa products from The Sanctuary. These can be bought from local supermarkets at very reasonable prices and could, again, be displayed in a nice basket with a ribbon. A nail session at the local nail bar is another lovely gift. And if all else fails, a beautiful bunch of flowers will fit into any budget and could be purchased at your florist on top of your original flower order for the wedding.

Top Tips from

  • Don’t leave buying gifts to the last minute. It is always best to be prepared!
  • Include gifts in your initial wedding budget
  • If you become really stuck, flowers will always be a great success.


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