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Capture Special Moments and Details

Make the most of your vintage style wedding
Paul Andrews Photography

If you have put a great deal of thought and planning into a vintage theme for your wedding then you want to find a photographer who can capture those fine details that make your day unique to you.

Paul Andrews Photography

We have been speaking to Paul Andrews of Paul Andrews Photography about how he works to capture the special moments of the day as well as all the finer details. Paul shares with us some of the wedding days that he has captured and tells us about his love of photography.

“When I think back to why I became interested in photography it was because I liked looking at family photos that brought back memories and historical photos that told the story of the time. I now use this technique when shooting a wedding. Capturing details of the day are very important, whether it’s the bride wearing a broach of a grandparent, a handmade cake topper, the bride’s dress, shoes or flowers, the list could go on and on.

The bride and groom will have put a lot of time and effort into arranging their wedding, so it’s important to capture these details. But for me, the most important detail is in recording the emotion of the day, telling the story, the special moments between the bride and groom, as well as family members and friends, to leave the couple with a collection of memories they can treasure forever.”

Paul Andrews Photography

A great photographer will find the small details and capture an image that really sums up your big day. If you are having a vintage or retro style day then aspects like the pictured Secret Garden sign will give you great memories and combined with the rest of your wedding album will really show off the theme of the day.

Paul Andrews Photography

As well as photographs to show all the details and decor ideas you have added to your wedding day, a good photographer will also capture those un-staged moments where the bride hugs her father or a shot of the bride and groom having a moment of eye contact. A combination of the beauty of the day and the special moments between families and friends will leave you with a gorgeous wedding album you will treasure forever.

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