10 Moments Your Photographer Must Capture

How to spot great photo opportunities throughout the big day


So much time and effort goes into planning every single moment of your wedding, so you can be sure that it’s going to be full of amazing photo opportunities! But unless you’re splashing out on a whole troupe of professional photographers or hoping that your guests will have all angles covered, you may have to prioritise which shots are ‘must haves’.

After choosing the perfect wedding photographer it’s important to talk them through exactly what you want out of your wedding photographs. Here at hitched.ie, we’ve come up with a list of top 10 moments that you’ll want to remember for a lifetime.

The Beauty Shot

Your photos should tell the story of your wedding day from start to finish. Begin with a beauty shot of the bride getting her hair and makeup done to create a beautiful bridal portrait. Getting a close up early on is also a good idea, because after hugging and kissing your all of your guests, your make-up may not look as fresh.

Beauty Shot

Groom and Best Man/Men

The groom can often get forgotten in the photographing process, as all eyes are usually on the bride, but make sure your they don’t forget to capture the bromance between the groom and his best man. Intimate moments like these are ones that you will want to remember; fixing his tie, giving him a pat on the back or toasting your upcoming wedding make great shots.


Family Moments

Even if this isn’t the first time you’re leaving the family home, the last pre-wedding moments with your family will be extremely emotional. Ask your photographer to take some really touching photos of you together; having the wedding car door opened by your dad or your dress laced up by your mum make for perfect pictures.

Family moments

The Nervous Groom

This may sound like a bit of a mean one, but there’s nothing cuter than seeing a nervous groom waiting for his bride at the end of the aisle. Ask the photographer to capture the heart melting moment when the groom turns to see the bride for the first time, you’ll look stunning and definitely take his breath away.


Putting a Ring On It

Make sure you capture this classic wedding moment. There are so many ways to photograph the exchanging of rings; try a close up of your happy faces, an arty shot of just your hands or a long distance shot that will help to remember to whole scene forever.

The First Kiss

Chances are there’ll be a lot of kissing at your wedding. Not only will you have your ‘you may now kiss the bride’ moment, your guests could adopt the tradition of clinking glasses to rouse a kiss so narrow down the perfect kiss shots to the end of your ceremony. Again, there are so many options but a close up of the kiss surrounded by your clapping and cheering loved ones make for a wonderful photo.

First kiss

The Confetti Throw

Throwing confetti, or lighting sparklers for evening weddings, symbolises that the fun is about to begin! These moments are always full of joy and smiles, and capture your first steps into married life perfectly.


Cutting the Cake

An iconic wedding shot that should be caught by your photographer is the cutting of the cake. Ask family and friends to grab their cameras too so that you can get pics from every angle.

Cutting Cake

Throwing the Bouquet

If you plan to throw your bouquet then ask your photographer to capture this moment — you should be able to get this moment shot by shot, from the bouquet flying in the air through to the lucky girl that catches it.

Throwing Bouquet

The Send Off

After your big day is over, you’ll finally get a chance to relax with you new hubby. Before you go, remind someone to take some pictures of you in your wedding car before you drive off into night. If you’ve got your own camera, take some pictures out of the back window as your guests wave goodbye.

Just Married Wedding Car


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