A Personal Touch To Your Wedding Cake

Adding a bit of You to Your Cake

On your big day, you want everything to be perfect from start to finish. As all focus is on you and you hear the cameras click and the “oohs” and “aahs” of the guests, you’ll want to know that every little detail will not go unnoticed and that your day is a memorable one for everyone who witnesses it. Therefore, it’s worthwhile spending time on the key elements of the happy occasion to ensure this happens. 

Wedding Cake

An interesting wedding fact: your wedding cake is the second most photographed subject on the day! So why not make the most of this feature and add a personal touch to the design and presentation.

Cake Toppers

The traditional bride and groom cake topper is still popular with many couples, however, adding something that says a little more about you offers something different and contributes to the memories of the day.

Think about your interests: do you both enjoy sport, do you like to travel, do you share a much loved pet, do you love movies, is your thing bling? You can have bespoke cake toppers made to suit you and say something about you and your partner! It’s a great way to add a personal touch to your cake.

Or, how about seeing your initials sparkle on top of your cake with the new monogram style topper using encrusted crystal for the elegant wedding cake look? For garden parties or summertime weddings, you can continue your wedding theme using a sugar monogram with delicate rosettes or vines.

Photo Cakes & Cupcakes

A great way of personalising your cake is with a photograph. Many cake makers are able to create cakes using a picture printed on icing sugar which can be used as your top tier or as your cake topper.

You can make it into a family affair by having the bride and groom as the top tier, the bride’s parents in the second tier and groom’s parent on the base tier. A lovely thought to the day and a great way remember the mums and dads.

Images can also be used on individual cupcakes and can look very effective as centre pieces on each table. The pictures can be fun or romantic: the couple as babies, their first photo together, a special occasion, anything! How about having special cupcakes for the wedding party by using personal images of them?

Individual Place Card Cakes

Using small individual cakes is a great way to personalise your wedding tables. You can have guest names iced on top of the cake or attached to the treat using coloured ribbon and tags. It’s very effective and a real wow factor!

You can ask your cake maker to create different flavours or add a message to the cake to say thank you for being part of the day.

There are many ways you can customise your wedding cake for your day. Take some time to think about what is important to you. When you’ve decided, speak to your cake maker about what your ideas and requirements are and where possible, show pictures or drawings to help with the design.

Have fun with it and enjoy the reaction of your guests on the day as they click their cameras to capture your special moments and personal touches!

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