The Groom's Cake

The Groom's Cake

Many of you may not know about the groom’s cake. This tradition is very popular in the US and originally comes from a Southern tradition whereby southern belles would bake a cake for the groom, hence the name.

Wedding Cake

The groom’s cake is not like the wedding cake. It is a cake that is shaped to reflect the groom’s interests. For example, if your groom is a football fanatic, you could have a cake made in the shape of a football field.

This cake was often used as part of a party favor for the guests. A slice would be boxed up for guests to take home with them.

The groom’s cake can be used in any way you want as there are no rules regarding this tradition. It could be used as an additional dessert to provide a bit of variety for guests to choose from or it could be served at the rehearsal dinner.

The cake is supposed to be a surprise for the groom. If you decide to have it displayed at the reception, make sure it is much smaller and not as well decorated as your wedding cake, just to avoid confusion!

This tradition may appeal to some of you and not to others. It is not mandatory to have a groom’s cake; it is just a fun past time and a good surprise for your husband.

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