Choosing a Filling That Compliments Your Wedding Cake

It's what's on the inside that counts!

The filling of your wedding cake will depend on several factors, including the flavor of the sponge, decoration of the outer cake and even the location of the wedding. You will undoubtedly need to go through several delicious tasting sessions to find the filling you want.


For your choice of filling, it is important to take into account the location and time of your wedding.


A very sweet and creamy and because of its smooth texture, is not an ideal filling for a summer wedding as it will melt far too quickly.


A chocolate icing that will make a cake look smooth. However, as we all know, chocolate is most likely to melt in the heat and so this filling is best left to a wedding that is being held in the colder months.

Royal Icing

Ideal for any season as it is a thick frosting used to create particularly decorative cakes.

Whipped Cream

Light and perfect for summer providing it is kept cool.


Also a very light and cool filling as well as being very versatile, so you can put any flavor with it.

The flavor of your cake should be determined by your initial reaction to each individual flavor and the style and time of year in which you’re wedding will be held. It is most common for fruity flavours to be incorporated into a cake which is being created for a summer wedding. Chocolatey flavours are often used in winter wedding cakes.

Fruity Summer Flavours

  • Vanilla, with fresh pieces of fruit such as strawberry or peaches
  • Vanilla with a coconut infusion
  • Orange cake with a Grenache filling
  • Lemon cake with a light lemon mousse filling
  • Mocha cake with buttercream filling
  • Angel food with fresh cream and summer berries


Wintery Flavours

  • Sponge cake with walnuts and chocolate chip filling
  • Cake soaked in Baileys Irish Cream with a white chocolate filling
  • Carrot cake with a cream cheese filling
  • Pistachio cake with a smooth praline filling

Fun and flavoursome fillings are a great way for those of you who would quite like to experiment without going completely crazy. There are so many wonderful combinations to choose from you can afford to have some fun with your wedding cake and surprise all your guests with a filling that will really make their taste buds tingle!

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