Creative Cake Toppers

Be creative with some truly unique cake toppers


With so many ways to be creative with your wedding cake, why choose the traditional plastic bride and groom to sit atop your culinary masterpiece? It’s your wedding so why not do something a little different? We have some very unique ideas for cake toppers that can really make your wedding cake the talk of the town.


Customized Cake Toppers

Customized cake tops are a great keepsake and can add a wonderful touch to your wedding cake. Here are a few of our favourite ideas:

For all you motorbike fans out there, what could be cooler than having a cake topper consisting of you and your new husband or wife, zooming along on a Harley? This is a very fun and different cake topper.

Bride’s who want to feel like a fairy princess on their big day could go for a castle as their cake topper. It can be easily customized with colours, glitter and ribbons to match the décor of your wedding.

Alternatively, if you both have a passion for an activity, for example horse riding, you could have a bride and groom both riding horses on top of your cake.

DIY Wedding Cake Toppers

If you have chosen to make your own cake toppers, an imaginative way of making your cake slightly different from the norm is to use real flowers instead of sugar ones. These add a beautiful touch to your cake.

Buying a tiny music box with a happy couple dancing inside is also a nice idea for a cake topper. You’ll still keep some tradition with the bride and groom but it will also add a small twist.

Fresh fruit is a delicious alternative to a plastic cake topper. Strawberries in particular are very popular for summertime weddings.

If you are getting married near Christmas time, use two snowmen as the bride and groom. Dress them up in all their bridal finery and perhaps put a few sprigs of fresh holly and berries around them to add a bit of Christmassy colour.

Get inspired with images from our cake gallery.


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