The 'How To' of Cutting the Cake

Techniques for cutting your wedding cake

Cutting the wedding cake can provide excellent photography opportunities which will be looked over by friends and relatives in years to come. It has also become an expected part of the reception by guests. We therefore believe it is an important tradition that should be continued.


Due to the wide variety of shapes and sizes of wedding cakes, the cutting can be complicated. Believe it or not, most couples haven’t a clue where to start when it comes to cutting their cake or how to do it properly. If you do not cut your cake properly, it can be served to guests in a crumbly heap, so we have provided a guide to cutting your wedding cake to avoid this happening to you.

Square Shaped Cakes:

These are often the easiest cakes to cut as they do not involve complicated shapes and corners. Follow these simple steps to cut your cake properly:

  • Start two inches from the outer edge and cut across the cake
  • Once a strip of cake is cut, cut it into 1 inch pieces to produce pieces that are two by 1 inches in size
  • Repeat until the entire tier is cut

Round Shaped Cakes:

  • Begin by cutting a circle two inches in from the outer cake which follows the same circle as the outer cake
  • Cut 1 inch pieces from this circle
  • Continue until you reach the inner core of the tier
  • The core can be halved, or alternatively, cut into fourths

How to Cut Heart Shaped Cakes:

  • Cut the cake in half, lengthwise, starting at the point of the cake
  • Cut each half into quarters
  • Cut each strip of quarter into 1 inch pieces

Hexagonal or petal shaped cakes can be cut in the same way as round shaped ones.

For cake ideas and inspiration, browse our wedding cake gallery.

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