Top Tips For Cake Tasting

Things to know before going to a cake tasting session


A fun, and very delicious, part of the wedding planning process is going for a wedding cake tasting session. However, as excited about this part as you are, it is important to be prepared. Remember, the bakery is offering you this very kind service and it would be rude of you and a waste of their time not to take it seriously. Bakeries will only offer engaged couples making serious enquiries a cake tasting opportunity.


Inform the baker of what you are mostly interested in. For example if you have your heart set on a chocolate cake with a coffee cream flavoured filling, let him know so that he can prepare the best samples for you. Alternatively, if you are completely undecided, ask for a wide variety of samples to be presented to you. Usually, bakeries only expect two people to attend the tasting; however, if you wish for your mother or maid of honour to attend, you will need to let the baker know that other people are attending. Your party should only contain a maximum of 4 people. Furthermore, if anyone in your party has any food allergies, the baker should also be given this information.

On the day of your tasting appointment, try to eat a light and small meal as you will be tasting a lot of sweet and creamy food so you do not want to overload your stomach. Take a pen and a piece of paper with you to record what flavours you may have liked or disliked. If you are deciding to be extra organized, some couples like to take a camera with them to take pictures for a more vivid reminder later of each filling.

Your cakes will either be brought to you ‘naked’ or ‘fully prepared’. Naked tasters will be brought out separately, i.e. the icing, sponge and filling will all be tasted on separate dishes to give you an idea of what each one taste like individually. A fully prepared taster will take the form of a normal slice of cake, with all aspects incorporated. Take your time in tasting, recording what you liked or disliked about the texture, moisture and flavour. Clean your palette in between each taster either with water, or with sorbet, which most bakers will provide you with specifically for this purpose. Ask your baker questions as you go along, if something is too sweet or too plain, ask if it can be modified.

You should not feel pressured into making a decision simply because the bakery has provided you with this invaluable service. Go away and take time to compare notes with your fiancé and take your time, this is an important decision.

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