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Handwritten Invitations

Everything you need to know about handwritten invitations

The wedding invitations you send out will give your guests a good idea as to the type of wedding you will be hosting. You do not always need to state on the invite whether it will be a formal or informal affair, providing that you take the appropriate measures with your wedding invites.

Most couples would love nothing better than to have handwritten invitations for their upcoming wedding. They are the best way to save on expenses and can look very personal. Handwritten invites show guests that you think they are worthy of the time you spent writing to them and that they are a very important part of the wedding celebrations.

Appropriate Handwritten Wedding Invitations

Years ago, only the most formal of wedding invitations were handwritten. However, over time this changed and engraved invites became the ‘proper’ type of invitation for a formal and extravagant wedding.

Nowadays, handwritten wedding invitations are appropriate only if you are deciding to have a very small and intimate wedding with just close family and a few friends. If you are having a larger wedding but still with an informal celebration, a handwritten invitation is seen as ‘appropriate’.

How to Form a Handwritten Wedding Invitation

Handwritten invitations are an extremely personal way of inviting all your guests to celebrate your wedding day with you. Traditional handwritten invites usually take the form of a small note or a personal letter, inviting guests to the wedding.

The advantage of handwriting invites is that each individual invitation does not need to be worded precisely the same. An invitation for someone who is close to your heart can be worded in a more personal manner. For those you aren’t particularly close to, the invitation can be written in the regular manner of most wedding invitations.

We advise using sheets of cotton fibre paper for handwritten invitations. Furthermore, if you want to you can add a personal embossed monogram to make the paper look slightly more extravagant. Dark blue or black inks are the only acceptable inks for a handwritten wedding invitation. Do not use a ball point pen for writing handwritten invitations.

Ask your family and friends to help out if you have quite a fair few invitations that need to be handwritten.