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Wedding Invitation Inserts and Enclosures

Inserts and Enclosures for your Wedding Invitations

So, you are picking out your wedding invitations; trawling through many departments stores trying to find the perfect invitations. However, people keep asking you what kind of inserts you want and you have also been told about the proper etiquette required for assembling the enclosures. If this has left you slightly confused as to what inserts and enclosures even are...well we are here to help!

Many people believe that a wedding invite is the main invitation to the wedding, without understanding that there is actually a wide variety of inserts that are commonly used with wedding invitations. Below, we have given an outline of the various types of wedding invitation enclosures.

Reception Cards

These cards are mostly used for inviting people to your reception. They mention the day, date, time and venue of the reception. Reception cards are really only used when the reception is being held at a different venue to the ceremony, and if you have decided to invite someone to the ceremony but not the reception.

Reply or Response Cards

These allow your guests to respond to the invitation you sent out and give you a guide as to how many people you should expect to attend the wedding. They are often accompanied by an addressed envelope with a postage stamp on it.

Accommodation Cards

These are only used when sending invitations to guests from out of town. They can either be in the form of a card that informs the guests that accommodation has been arranged for them, or they can list the name, numbers and any other details of places they can stay locally.

Within the Ribbon Cards

These enclosures also go by the name of Pew Cards and they indicate the specific pews allocated to special guests that need to be seated at the ceremony. If a particular area in the church or registrars office has been marked by ribbons for special guests, you will need to enclose a ‘within the ribbon’ card so that ushers are aware of where to seat guests.

At Home Cards

These are used to inform guests of when the married couple will be returning from their honeymoon and where their new home will be.

Maps or Direction Cards

These types of inserts are, again, used for guests coming in from out of town. It will be a map or specific directions to where the ceremony will take place and to the reception site. These are provided as a courtesy to guests who are unlikely to be familiar with the area.