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Formal and Informal Invitations: The Right Type of Stationery for Your Wedding

When it comes to wedding invitation etiquette, how do you choose between formal and informal? From minimalist to whimsical, we're sure you'll find the right style for you.

A classic lacy design with a romantic wintery invitation inside.

First, let's discuss wording. Both formal and informal wedding invitations should have phrasing that clearly informs the guest about the date, time, and location. Wedding invites also need to show who exactly will be hosting your special day, whether that's you and your partner or your loved ones. There's room to personalize your suite, from design to wording, so you'll be able to send invitations that reflect who you are as a couple.

Formal Wedding Invitations 

Needless to say, the more formal your wedding is, the more formal your wedding invites need to be.

An excellent example of a formal wedding invitation is when you and your partner are hosting and would like to honour your respective parents.

Jennifer Sarah Brown

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Brown


Mr. Andrew Michael Webster

Son of Mr. and Mrs. Webster


Request the honour of your presence

at their marriage

on Sunday, the third of July

two thousand and fourteen

at two o-clock


St John’s Church

Dublin, Ireland

If the wedding is not being held at a place of worship, then ‘honour of your presence’ can be replaced by ‘pleasure of your company’. In those very formal invitations, the date and year need to be spelt out in full, instead of 2nd or 2014. You can peruse some formal-style wedding suites below to get an idea of how your own might look on the day.

1. Lace Navy Pocket fold suite - from €6.30, LoveBlossomsIE

A classic lacy design with a romantic wintery invitation inside.

A stunning option for your special day is these navy lace envelopes from LoveBlossomsIE. Classic and romantic, their peek-through cutouts allow recipients to catch a glimpse of the elegant invitation inside.

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2. Eucalyptus Love Wedding Invitation - €60 for 25, LittleIvoryWeddings

A chic and elegant white invitation with sage green letters and a leafy background.

These chic, minimalist invitations lend an air of sophistication to your celebration. Wreathed in delicate prints of eucalyptus, they'd be lovely for a wedding in a stately home's Victorian garden.

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3. Elegant Peony Wedding Invitations - €145.88, MargoDesignsStore

Blush pink wedding invitations depicting plump peonies and delicate greenery.

These blush pink wedding invites will transport you to the romantic whirlwind celebration of your wildest dreams. Complete with delightful translucent envelopes, wax seals, and gorgeous watercolours, they're sure to captivate everyone on your guest list.

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4. Burgundy Floral Wedding Invitation Suite - €43.76 for 10, PioroWedding

Rustic burgundy and white invitations, complete with floral and twine accents.

If you're planning to have formal wedding invitations, a lovely suite to consider is these rustic burgundy invites. Tied with twine and beautifully formatted with flowing text and florals, they'll undoubtedly contribute to your already-elegant day.

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5. Minimalist Wedding Invitation - €3.10, SmPapeterie

A stunning minimalist design of delicate black ink on a white background. A wreath curls around the initials of the wedding couple.

These modern, minimalist invitations will never go out of style. The lovely customized wreath at the top conveys a sense of elegance for a party that is sure to be out of this world.

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Informal Wedding Invitations

Let's talk about the other side of the coin. If you've decided to have an intimate wedding or simply an informal celebration, your wedding invitation can include slightly more casual language and style.

In the previous text example, you could change the phrase ‘request the honour...’ to something like ‘wish to invite you to their marriage.’ As you'll see in the collections below, you can have a lot of fun deciding on how you want to personalize the message. Perhaps 'we want you as our guest' is your friendly choice to invite loved ones, or simply, 'we invite you to celebrate our wedding'. You can even opt for whimsical non-traditional motifs, like passports or sporting tickets to convey your passions to your guests. So long as the crucial information (date, time, location) is on there, your informal invites are ready to go.

These suites are truly sweet in every sense of the world. Let your imagination run wild!

6. Pulse Of My Heart Irish Card - from €4.65, Ogham Tree

Natural woodland themes wrap around a tender message as Gaeilge.

These gorgeous handmade cards and prints are designed by Irish artist Ruthie, a graduate of Ballyfermot Arts College. With a variety of phrases as Gaeilge to encapsulate your wedding day, these cards are ideal for handwriting your personalized messages inside.

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7. Forest Wedding Invitations with Rustic Magnet - €154.58 for 30, RusticLoveandWood

Sweeping romantic font curls above a watercolour forest, where a round wooden magnet is pinned.

You can have the best of both worlds with these wistful woodland-themed wedding invitations. Not only can you invite your loved ones to your magical event, but you can send favours ahead of time to keep the date fresh.

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8. Italy Passport Invitation - €90 for 10, CreatePrint

Red faux passports invite guests to your special day, complete with 'customs' stamps and a boarding pass RSVP.

For a destination wedding, these passport invitations are an absolute joy. You can customize them with your photos and wedding dates, and guests can RSVP with the included 'Boarding Pass'. With a range of countries to choose from, you're sure to find your wedding location to match.

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9. GAA Themed Wedding Invitations - €75 for 40, CreatePrint

These GAA invitations are definitely the ticket to the wedding of your dreams.

These GAA-themed invitations are definitely the ticket to getting your nearest and dearest excited about your upcoming celebration. Your family crest can even be added to further personalize the look. Just don't try to use them for a real match.

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10. Printable Wedding Invitation - €5.50, linedoodles

Black san-serif lettering on a white background, framed by gold geometric shapes and greenery.

In this digital age, you can have your wedding cake and eat it, too, by sending invites instantly and contributing less to wedding waste. These modern, geometric invitations are sure to delight your guests while also being a terrific option to keep yourself to your celebration budget.

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No matter which style you choose, formal or informal, we know your wedding day is going to be out of this world.