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Wedding Invitation Cost-cutting Tips

Great advice to help cut down the cost of your wedding invitations

The costs of a wedding are sky-rocketing and so cutting costs and keeping within a reasonable budget are crucial. Many couples often have to exclude something that they really love because they simply cannot afford it.

However, your wedding invitations are the one place you do not need to cut costs on. Your wedding invitation is the first impression about your wedding that your guests will have, so you will need to have a beautiful invitation. We have offered some tips to help you lower the expense of your wedding invitation, without sacrificing any quality.

Choose your invites and place the order at least 4 months in advance. Ordering invitations at the last minute and rushing the printer are both great ways to increase the cost of your invitations. Stick to the wedding timeline guide you have given yourself and order invitations early on!

By ordering up to 30 extra invitations with your original order, you will save costs as ordering in bulk is much cheaper than having to get extras made when you realise you have run out.

Avoid sending out separate reception cards, especially if you are having the ceremony and reception at the same place. Explain where the reception will be held on the main invitation itself.

Make your own wedding invitations from DIY kits. These will cost considerably less than invites bought from a store and will also look much more personal.

List all the different types of wedding stationery that you will be needing, for example, response cards, thank-you cards, place cards etc and then order them at the same time as ordering your invitations. You can negotiate a better discount when you buy in bulk order.

Alternatively, don’t have response cards at all! You will certainly save money on printing and on postage stamps that will need to be put on them.

Finally, be sure to proof read your wedding invitation. Read it inside and out to make absolutely certain that there are no mistakes. You won’t want to reprint all of them because of one error you did not spot.