Maids Of Honour

Maids Of Honour- make the most of and get the best from your bridesmaids


To ensure they make the best of their chosen bridesmaids, despite size or age issues, brides need to have tact and good taste.

As the groom stood up to make his speech at the reception, he smiled reassuringly at all three bridesmaids, all were good friends of the bride, and all were slightly on the larger side.

All assembled guests were waiting for his warm words of praise. However, what he said next shocked and horrified the audience: “We chose these three bridesmaids for their size. We knew they would make a great windbreak outside the church!”

Obviously, this did NOT go down well with anyone.

Sadly, at most marriage ceremonies, one bridesmaid is a size 16-18 and the other is an 8-10. Obviously, the contrast in their sizes is noticeable but of course, NEVER mentioned.

Commonly, a bride would choose their best friends as their bridesmaids. However it is important that they execute good taste to make both the thinner and the larger girls look their absolute best.

A good way to get around this problem is to choose a colour that is sure to suit both of the bridesmaids and let THEM choose a dress shape which they feel flatters them the best.

For all those friends of the bride who are slightly older and feel a bridesmaids dress would not suit them, make them your maid of honour. This way, she can wear a stylish and sophisticated suit instead of a dress that will make her feel uncomfortable.

It is often said that you should never work with children and animals. However, some ceremonies have managed to incorporate animals into a ceremony and it has been a great success. For example, one wedding featured the pet dog with a large white bow on his collar who sat obediently in the porch of the church during the ceremony, acting as an honorary best man.

Be wary when asking small children to be part of the bridal party. You need to know that they will behave throughout the day and enjoy it, instead of finding it an ordeal.

However, if you do decide to incorporate young bridesmaids, whether they be young children or teenagers, perhaps sit them with their family instead of at the top table as this can make them feel very isolated.

If you and your partner already have children, it is important to involve them in the planning of the day by asking them what special role they would enjoy playing. For example, a teenage son could have the role of giving his mother away, whilst a daughter could act as a bridesmaid or flower girl.

Young toddlers and babies should be given to a doting grandmother for the duration of the day, to allow the happy couple to make their commitment to each other without any interruptions. However, you mustn’t banish small people completely; they won’t even forgive you if they believe they weren’t invited to their Mum’s big day.

All bridesmaids should be given a gift for performing their duties on the day. This is often in the form of jewellery, such as a small necklace or pretty bracelet. This will help them feel like they’ve really helped throughout the day.

The bride should be the centre of attention; however, bridesmaids are also going to want to look their very best too. They can feel very special on your wedding day and also make you, as the bride, feel very proud too.


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