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Stag and Hen Party Ideas

Ideas for Your Stag and Hen Party

With so many activities and companies offering to book events for stag and hen parties, what do you do and where do you start?

Well, it’s worth while knowing what you want from the event; outdoor/indoor activities, a full on pub to pub crawl, dancing — lessons and/or night out, a house party, something low key, something full on and never been done before by the party goers! You’ll also want to consider who will be attending and match the event with the party guests. The only thing worse than a guest being humiliated and that’s the stag or hen themselves!

So if you want a night or weekend full of fun packed activities and riotous nights out but know that some guests wouldn’t appreciate it, then why not consider two parties?

Carly, Sales Manager and bride to be wanted the best of both worlds! So, for her mum, aunties and some of her more reserved friends she had a meal at her place where she hired a ‘cheeky’ waiter to attend to her guests’ food and drink needs. Then the ladies all played party games and quizzes made up by friends and family. This not only went down well but also broke the ice with people who were unfamiliar with each other before. By the time the wedding day came, they were best buddies!

To cater for her bolder side and her more adventurous friends, Carly also wanted a big blow out party where she could let her hair down with the girlies and celebrate her up and coming wedding in true Carly style! So, knowing her good friend well, her maid of honour arranged for a weekend away with a group of close family and friends.

The girls started their Friday doing a pub crawl of the town. “The Friday night was our meet up and let’s get this party started night where all the girls came from their own destinations,” said the bride to be.

“On Saturday we went for Burlesque dancing lessons followed by a meal then back to the hotel where the girls dressed me up in full head to toe Burlesque attire before we hit the town and painted it red — almost literally! It was amazing!”

After much partying, the girls needed a day to recover, so on Sunday after a hearty breakfast (much needed after a good night out), the ladies arranged a spa and treatment day.

“I knew where we were going for the hen weekend but not what we were doing. But my friends know what I like and booked activities and events for me to remember for the rest of my life!” Carly enthused!

And there’s just as much fun to be had for the grooms to be out there. Steve and his friends were used to partying hard, so he was a bit worried about what was in store for him.

“I was under strict instruction to not get naked in public, stay with at least one party member at all times and not to fall asleep while the others were still awake — for fear of any unwanted hair or eyebrow changes!” said Steve.

“I think Lucy (the bride to be) must’ve had a word with my best man, because I made it home safe and sound, hair and eyebrows in tact!” he smiled.

Steve’s party started at 10 in the morning. The guys met for a full cooked breakfast then went off for a paintballing exercise followed by a stint on some quad bikes. After dinner the guys hit the town and partied in one of the town’s biggest night clubs where a booth was booked and champagne and beer flowed all night and the groom and his party showed off their fine dancing skills to boot!

“My best man booked us in to a guest house in town and arranged for me to have a dinner with Lucy the following evening!” Steve went on. A nice touch Steve’s best man!

There’s something to suit every need and preference. And don’t feel that you can’t invite ‘so and so’ because they would hate your idea of a fun night out, you can have more than one event if you like — this way fun and good times can be had by ALL!


  • Spa weekend
  • Paintballing
  • Butler in the Buff Party
  • Quadbiking
  • Activities Weekend — Landbased, Waterbased
  • Dance Lessons
  • Themed Night Out
  • Laser Games
  • Murder Mystery
  • Destination Parties