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Hen Party Planning: A Step By Step Guide to Planning the Perfect Hen Do

Keep calm and plan the perfect hen do with our simple step by step party planning guide
Hen party planning

Planning a hen party can be pretty stressful – particularly if you have never planned a large event before.

Take a look at our step by step guide to planning the perfect hen party and make sure your event runs without a hitch!

Hen party planning

Step 1 – Speak to the Bride

If you have been tasked with planning your BFF’s hen party then the first thing you need to do is talk to her. It’s likely you want to keep the celebrations a surprise but it’s important to at least have a rough idea of what the bride is expecting. Take a look at the questions below that will help you plan the perfect do for your best friend.

Do you want to go abroad?

Some brides would love the idea of a hen party somewhere hot and sunny. Others would much rather something more local. See what the bride would like to do – it doesn’t have to mean spoiling the surprise!

What type of budget should we work to?

This is something you will need to ask the other hens but the bride will probably be able to give you a rough idea of what budget everyone will be working to.

Do you have any definite no no’s?

Check in case the bride has anything that is her idea of a nightmare! If she’s really not an adrenaline junkie then perhaps steer away from the skydiving!

Are there any places you would particularly like to go?

See if the bride has any favourite cities that she would really like to visit.

Do you want to go away for one night or two?

You may end up restricted by budget but firstly see what the bride expects – if she only wants to go away for one night then your budget could stretch further.

What is important to you?

See what is the most important thing to the bride – is it that she goes to an amazing location or hotel? Or would she prefer something more low key and budget friendly so everyone can come?

Step 2 – Create an Invite List

Work with the bride to create an invite list. It’s likely this won’t be your final number but it will give you an idea of the scale of party you are planning and by having the bride’s input you won’t miss anyone vital from the list!

Step 3 – Come Up with a List of Possible Dates

See which dates the bride can do – and the more date options the better so you can pick a time that suits most of the hens. It’s also worth getting a list of “priority guests” that the bride really wants to ensure can come to the hen do so you can find a date that suits them all.

Step 4 – Set Up a Group Chat or Facebook Group

It’s time to set up the group chat! Let the hens know the preferred date and consider giving them an indication of the budget you are working towards so they have time to decide whether they can come.

Step 5 – Decide on a Location and Find Accommodation

Once you have a rough idea of how many people can make your chosen date, it’s time to start researching locations and accommodation.

Step 6 – Plan Activities

Once you have a set location in mind you can start to plan your activities. It may be worth considering the guest list – do you have anyone with any limitations or anyone within the group who is pregnant? It may have an effect on the type of activities you choose.

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Step 7 – Give Final Details, Dates and Prices to the Other Hens

Once you have a set plan and price in place, you can put all these details to the group. In our experience it’s much easier to go to a large group with a decided plan, rather than trying to work with 20 plus people’s opinions. So long as you, the bride and the other bridesmaids are happy then it’s likely you have a great plan!

Step 8 – Confirm Booking

You might get a few dropouts once you have a set date and price for the hen party. So once you have confirmed numbers make it very clear that you are booking on the basis that everyone who has said they will come are actually going to be there.

Step 9 – Collect the Money!

Let the hens know how to pay their share and a deadline – you are always likely to have a few late payments so we recommend booking using your credit card and then giving the hens a deadline that is earlier than you actually have to pay, this way you will have all the funds to pay on time.

Step 10 – Have a Break

All the above is a lot of work! So if you have left yourself plenty of time, it’s about time you took a break.

Step 11 – Think About Transport

If your hen party is far away – consider whether everyone will travel together. If you have hens coming from all over the country it may also be easier for everyone to be responsible for getting themselves to the location.

Step 13 – Plan the Finer Details and Do Some Delegating

Now all the big things are booked, it’s time to get onto the fun stuff! If you have some hens who are eager to help with planning then there are a few tasks you can delegate:

  • Planning hen party games
  • Finding hen party accessories for the bride
  • Decorating the hen party house or hotel room
  • Ordering hen party t-shirts
  • Choosing hen party sashes
  • Creating hen party bags

Step 14 – Send an Overview and Your Contact Details to All the Hens the Week Before

It’s likely the hens all know who you are by now! But it’s a good idea to send an overview of timings and locations a week before the hen party, along with your contact details in case of any emergencies.

Step 15 – Have Fun!

Planning a party can be a lot of pressure so make sure now you have done all the hard work, relax, have fun and enjoy the party!

Hen party planning tips

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