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Bridal Makeup Tips

Beautiful Makeup For Your Big Day

‘Your wedding day should just be a more beautiful version of yourself.’

This is a quote from the infamous make up guru, Bobbi Brown and we couldn’t agree more. Your wedding make-up should be natural and needs to applied in a way that enhances all your beautiful features.

We have outlined below some simple tips and tricks from the professionals to help you achieve a radiant look on your big day.

We recommend hiring a professional make-up artist. They will know what colours suit your skin tone and how to co-ordinate your make-up with the rest of your bridal wear. Furthermore, they will run a trial for you, whereby you can put together your hair, make-up and dress to get a good idea of how you will look on the big day. Perhaps even take some pictures to take away with you and ask friends and family their opinions.

When applying foundation, Bobbi Brown has several tips for you to follow to get a radiant complexion on your wedding day. Firstly, it is important to always prepare your skin by applying primer to your face before putting on your foundation. It will even out the skin, keep shine at bay and keeps your make-up lasting longer.

Because you will be having your picture taken throughout most of the day, you will need a high coverage foundation. Another excellent tip is to always begin with a small amount of foundation as you can always apply an extra layer. If you have been blessed with poreless, even, porcelain skin, you can get away with applying just a spot of foundation in places you will need it such as your chin around the nose and around the mouth. And remember to set your foundation with powder.

Lighter eye shadows should be used as part of your wedding make-up. Pearlescent and silver colours create a romantic look that will compliment your white wedding dress. Applying cream shadows is not advisable as they are likely to slip off very quickly. Another good trick to make eyeshadow last is to apply a thin layer of pressed powder to your lids before putting your eyeshadow on top as this will create a base for shadows to stick to.

You can use any shade of lipstick for your wedding, providing the colour does not clash with your eyeshadow and compliments your skin tone. By using the natural colour of your lips, you will be able to get a flattering shade which should either match or be slightly darker than your natural lip colour. If you decide to be brave and wear red lipstick, the general rule here is to avoid heavy eyes. Either glamourise your lip colour or your eyeshadow, not both or you will look too overdone.

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