Budget Wedding Cakes

Strapped for cash? Try one of these ideas to help lower the cost of your wedding cake


If you have a small budget and cannot afford to have a custom made cake, especially created at a bakery, there are many other ways to create your dream wedding cake for a lot less money.


Visit a supermarket instead of the bakery and buy several single layer cakes. Put them together on a table decorated with candles and flowers for an expensive look.

Don’t forget that the more elaborately decorated a cake is, the more tools needed to create the design and so ultimately, the more expensive a cake becomes.

Instead of going for a wedding cake, perhaps explore other options such as muffins, cupcakes or truffles. There are many places that can provide you with expensive looking cupcakes that are prettily decorated. These can be piled high or placed in concentric circles, making them look different and individual. They cost less than buying a professionally made wedding cake and are often much easier to hand out amongst guests.

Cutting down on your guest list will cut down the number of slices you hand out and therefore the overall cake price.

Call any local culinary academies or colleges and ask if students would like to make your cake. All students are overseen by a professional so you know you will be getting a good value cake for a lot less money.

Finally, why not ask your friends or relatives to help you out? For extra imagination, cut a picture out of a magazine, give it to your mum or auntie, and ask them to recreate it for you instead of having a traditional cake topper. You will save on expenditure and it gives a chance for your loved ones to be really involved in the wedding and to make an impact on your wedding day. However, just be sure to either offer them money or, if they wont accept it, but a small gift to give to them on the big day and be sure to mention all those involved in making your cake.

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