Cutting Costs on Wedding Cakes

How to cut down the cost of your wedding cake
Wedding cakes

We understand that any cost cutting tips are very valuable for you and your partner, due to the increasing cost of weddings.

Wedding cakes

We have put together some cost cutting tips for cakes which will help you create your dream cake, without the big price tag.

  1. Purchasing Your Cake:

    Your cake can either be baked by a cake baker or provided by your caterer. It will most likely be cheaper to order a cake from your caterer. This can save costs as your caterer is already providing the meal for guests and they may give you a discounted rate. But only go for this option if the caterer can provide a cake that you like.

  2. Ordering from a Home Business:

    This is another great way to cut costs. Those with home businesses charge less as they do not have the extra running costs of a business to consider which means they will charge less for your cake.

  3. Desserts Over Cakes:

    At the end of the meal, the cutting of the cake will traditionally happen. Desserts can be cheaper than wedding cake, so order more desserts and less cake to avoid cost.

  4. Two Cakes:

    Order a small, nicely decorated cake to present to your guests which will be cut. Also order a cheaper cake that will be cut in the kitchen, and handed out to guests. They will be none the wiser and you will save a lot of money!

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