Displaying Your Wedding Cake

Make your wedding cake shine with the best display techniques


Your wedding cake deserves to be displayed in a beautiful way. Below, we have outlined a few ideas; from choosing the right cake stand to having a gentle spotlight shine upon it, our tips can help make your cake become the main centerpiece at your reception.

Wedding cakes

There are many different choices of wedding cake stands on the market and several different ways in which you can get hold of one.

You might like to consider using one that your parents used. This adds sentimental value and is a popular choice for many brides on a budget as your cake stand will not be used much, if at all, after the wedding day.

However, if you would prefer to start your own tradition by buying a new cake stand then ask your cake maker if he or she can recommend any good places to buy a stand from. Your cake may need a special type of stand so also ask your cake maker what type of stand you will need to purchase. Some bridal shops also have a selection of stands from you to choose from.

If you have opted to go for a plainer cake, you can afford to be more adventurous with your cake stand. You could go for a rotating one, one with a small fountain or an extravagantly decorated and customized by yourself stand.

In terms of where to display your cake, we advise that it is placed in a non high traffic area where it could accidentally get knocked over. However, be sure to place it in a prominent enough position so that people can admire it properly. A spotlight can help draw attention to your cake and make it look truly wonderful.

By adding personal touches to the table that holds your cake, you can help to create a particular mood or theme for your wedding. Perhaps lay out a few photographs around the cake or light a few romantic candles and place on the table.

Finally, ensure you select a table that will hold your cake. Some cakes are often up to 9 tiers high and the moister a cake is, the heavier it becomes, so ensure you have a sturdy and strong table for your wedding cake to sit atop.

Browse wedding cake ideas in our inspiration gallery.


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