Ordering Your Wedding Cake

Ordering Your Wedding Cake

Because your wedding cake is going to be the main focus at the reception, it is understandable that you want it to be several tiers high and decorated extravagantly. You will need to consider that this will inevitably take a lot of time for the baker and confectioner and so you will need to order your cake well in advance of the big day.


We estimate that the cake should be ordered two months before the wedding. You do not want the baker to be rushed and so make a mistake, 2 months gives him plenty of time to take enough care and attention over your cake to make it perfect. Be sure to get everything in writing, including every small detail describing your wedding cake so as to avoid confusion later on. We have provided a list of everything that will need to be included in your contract:

Cake Tiers:

Write down how many tiers you want, excluding the ones that will be used to serve to guests.

Type of Cake:

The style of wedding cake should be clearly expressed in writing and if you have requested a particular shape, this should be noted too.


You will need to specify the type of cake topper you have chosen as well as all the small decorations you would like to be included.

Clearly list the time, day, date and location of the wedding. The last thing you want is for your wedding cake to show up two or three days after the wedding has happened!

The final and crucial point is to get an exact quote from the baker of the price of your cake. Make sure he/she has included the cost of pillars, cake toppers, decorations etc. If a deposit has been put down, this should be noted also.

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