Unique Wedding Cake Ideas

Ways to make your wedding cake truly unique


The association of wedding cakes as a three tiered, completely white creation is gone. Although some couples do still enjoy the traditional look, more and more now want their cake to be original and different. There are so many ways to do this and we have provided just a few unique ideas on how to make your wedding cake look different.

Wedding cakes

Different Shapes

Instead of choosing the regular round or rectangular shapes for your wedding cake, opt for something more romantic, like a heart shaped one. Or if you are a fan of flowers, ask your baker to design you a cake in the shape of a petal or your favourite flower. This is especially creative if you are having an outdoors wedding.

Flavour of Your Wedding Cake

Instead of the traditional vanilla sponge with jam filling or fruit cake, opt for something more original for your filling. If you can’t choose between the many flavours out there, have a different filling in each tier to add some variety to your cake.


Frosting now comes in many different forms. Frosting can now be coloured, from pink to purple to orange to blue, the sky is the limit! You can also choose different flavours such as a deep rich chocolate flavored frosting. Some bakeries will even attempt to make the frosting in a colour that matches your wedding décor.

Cupcakes as a Wedding Cake

This is not only creative, but can also save you a great deal of money. They can be arranged in many creative styles with different flavours occupying different tiers. This allows your guests to have a bit of variety when eating a part of your wedding cake and it is bound to be talked about amongst all your friends and family.


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