Wedding Cake Transportation

Transporting your wedding cake safely and properly


So, you have decided to opt for a 3 tiered wedding cake. It looks fantastic and will really impress all your guests. But how do you plan on transporting this magnificent cake from your home or the bakery, to your wedding reception? We can help explain to all of you how to transport your tiered wedding cake without the extra added cost of hiring special boxes or somebody to transport it professionally for you.


Each tier must be transported individually and be put together at the wedding reception. Due to the constant movement of the cake in a car or walking it to the cake table, it holds a high risk of toppling over and being ruined. Place each tier in a sturdy cardboard box and assemble at the wedding reception only. Remember, the bigger the tier, the bigger and sturdier the box that it is being transported in should be.

When driving the cake, it should not be placed on car seats as they are slanted and so your cake may slide inside its box and become crushed or dented on one side. To avoid it sliding around, place a strong piece of cardboard or wood on the seats to even them out. Ask somebody to sit in the back with the cake to supervise and ensure it stays flat and still. Do not drive erratically, avoid jerks and speed humps if possible and leave plenty of time to get t the venue. If it is a hot day, put your air conditioning on to keep the cake cool.

Once at the reception venue, allow 3 hours before guests are due to arrive to carefully assemble the cake. Bring extra decorations such as flowers, icing, butter cream etc. to replace any decorations that may have been damaged on the journey to the wedding reception. In addition to bringing the decorations, it is also wise to bring any necessary tools to decorate the cake with.

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