Marry at Home or Abroad?

We discuss the options


Deciding to get married abroad is a big decision — if you have been thinking about the pros and cons of getting married abroad then take a look at some top advice from wedding planning experts in Ireland and further afield.

First, we talk to The Wedding Expert Bláithín O’Reilly Murphy as she shares her reasons for being in love with weddings in Ireland:

The Scenery...

Get married at Home or Abroad

“Ireland is a stunning country. The variety of locations and scenery would be hard to beat anywhere else. Whether it’s rolling green hills, a historic castle, a country manor or contemporary hotel you are after; we have it all! Even if you are looking for something very different like a private island, sandy beach or boho yurt, the Emerald Isle has it in spades; once you know where to look. And yes, the weather can be a challenge on occasion. But remember, rain on your wedding day is fantastic luck and what bride doesn’t look adorable in a pair of coloured wellies with a heart shaped umbrella to match?”

The Talent...

“Ireland has some amazing wedding professionals... many awarding experts in their fields, who over the course of their careers have perfected (and continue to perfect) their skill and creativity to make your wedding day the most memorable for you and your guests. They pride themselves on their service, their product and their value. For a day with so many expectations, you want to be sure you are working with the best of the best, a wedding at home can offer you that.”

The Craic...

“Nobody does it better than the Irish. We know how to throw a good party; we are famous for it! When throwing a wedding in Ireland, you can be sure the craic will be mighty, the drink will flow and the food is second to none! (You can even dance to it, drink it and taste it beforehand to be sure :) ) And we all know, that a wedding (rightly or wrongly) is judged on the food, the drink and the craic... could you entrust these crucial aspects of your big day to anyone else?”

Get married at Home or Abroad

The Control...

“When you plan a wedding at home you have the opportunity to meet, see and touch your venue and each wedding supplier and product you choose before you make a booking or part with any money. You can be 100% happy before you make any decision or commitment. With a destination wedding, chances are, you are taking the recommendations of someone else or making decisions based on photos or video which you will never really get a true sense for how your wedding day will turn out until you arrive on the day!”

And Finally...Home is Where the Heart Is...

“As nice as it might sound initially to jet off to a white sandy beach on some foreign land to say ‘I Do’, are you prepared to do so without Granny and Granddad, your best mate, even maybe a brother or sister? The reality is, even if they want to come and share in your special day abroad, for a whole host of reasons, health, money, jobs, kids; those guests who are truly important to you simply might not be able to get on that plane... not the case if you have your wedding here at home in wonderful Ireland!”


We also talk to top Italian wedding planner Leoeventi. Owners Monica Roma and Paola Cocchi as they share their top 5 reasons for planning a romantic wedding in Italy.

Stunning Wedding Venues...

“Italy, with its romantic landscapes, important food and wine tradition and amazing venues, is by far one of the most magical and romantic settings for a wedding because it offers an incredible variety of ideal settings for an unforgettable destination wedding: the romantic lakes in the North, the country-chic atmosphere in Tuscany, the beautiful Piedmont wine county, the picturesque seaside villages of the Italian Riviera, the elegant palaces in Venice, the magnificence of Rome and the breath-taking sea views of the world-famous Amalfi Coast.”

Get married at Home or Abroad

Amazing Food and Wine...

“Italy is famous worldwide for its culinary delights and important wine tradition and this fame is certainly well deserved. The high quality of food and wine throughout the country is a guarantee that even the most demanding couples will be satisfied and will want to return for more. Your guests will remember for years your beautiful wedding not only for the great location but also for the amazing mouth-watering food and the great wine they enjoyed. ‘Foodies’ couples of the world, for this reason alone Italy should be at the top of your destinations list for your wedding, and you will not regret it.”

The Weather...

“The wedding season here in Italy starts from May and continues until the end of September, with the summer months of June, July and August being the peak season and generally with the warmest weather. March and April are less warm but can still offer a very pleasant temperature depending on the area of Italy you decide to focus on. The same goes for October, and this is particularly true for the South of Italy where you can enjoy good weather sometimes until the end of the month.”

Get married at Home or Abroad

A Small Holiday for Everybody...

“Italy is the perfect choice to make the most of your stay for the wedding and transform it into a small holiday. A destination wedding in Italy also means a more intense experience; the Bride and Groom and their guests spend together a couple of days in a proper ‘holiday’ mood. How about a lovely rehearsal dinner the night before so that all guests get to know each other; then the day after the wedding let’s celebrate with a chilled-out brunch in a beautiful outdoor setting.”

Better Value for Your Money...

“In some cases a destination wedding is a perfect and elegant way to solve the issue of not wanting to invite all the people you know! Jokes aside, generally speaking a wedding in Italy does mean better value for money, as the services provided are always of the highest quality. Speaking in particular of the highly qualified caterer service, the quality/price ratio of what you would get in terms of food and wine in Italy as opposed to a caterer service in Ireland is definitely higher so that is another great advantage.”


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