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Getting Married Abroad

Advice from an expert
bride and groom

From a young age girls dream about their big day, the dress, the horse and carriage, and of course their Prince Charming. With age, and the realisation of how much a real wedding can cost, many girls end up compromising their dreams for more cost-effective solutions.

In the current economic climate this is evermore the case. However many couples are now realising the financial benefits associated with getting married abroad. Quite a lot of people are now putting the planning of the most important (and most expensive) day of their life in the hands of specialised wedding planners abroad.

bride and groom

So what is the big appeal? Roberto Benetello, the Director of Bestweddingaway explains;

“Warmer climates and foreign traditions are a big appeal. Many people also want to reduce the risk of having a wash-out by heading to locations with more predictable weather. To get the best out of your location it is always important to inform your wedding planner about the needs of your guests so they can choose locations suitable for everybody.”

“When choosing a wedding planner it’s important to make sure that the company is reputable and registered with that country’s Chamber of Commerce. In many countries it is easy to find one-man-band wedding planners who work independently and who cannot offer all the security and protection a registered company can. Also, ask for a contract. A contract is a great way to protect your rights and ensure that the services which are delivered are done so in a professional and reliable way. Any reputable wedding planning company will not only use a contract for their own protection but also committing to certain responsibilities to their clients.”


“Many people worry about the hassle of organising their guests. A good wedding planner will give you assistance in organising your guests, their accommodation and transfers to and from the airport in the country where you are getting married. It’s important to check that they are willing to do this from the beginning. One way in which Bestweddingaway assists its clients is by creating a personalised, password protected website.”

Roberto Benetello concludes; “We are paid many compliments from our clients regarding this service that we offer. Our couples put the link and the password on their invitations and leave the rest to us. Many of our clients find that organising a wedding with us is less stressful than what their friends are going through back in Ireland who are organizing the wedding themselves at home.”