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5 Beautiful Bouquets

Statement flowers
Yellow Orchids

Your bridal bouquet will feature heavily in your wedding photographs, so why not go for something a little unusual that will make a great statement. We have chosen five beautiful bouquets that are each unique in their own way.

  • Yellow Orchids This yellow bouquet just screams summer. Combining delicate yellow Orchids and long grasses, it’s unique, stylish and perfect for a wedding that embraces the great outdoors!
  • Best of Bud This beautiful monochrome Anemone, Rose and Brunia bouquet from Best of Buds is really unusual. A great option if you are having a black and white themed wedding day.
  • Cala Lily If you want a bouquet totally different from the rest then these Calla lilies dyed a vibrant shade of blue will be something completely new.
  • Purple Roses If the shade of flower you want just simply doesn’t exist, then why not go for a beautiful bouquet sprayed to your exact colour theme. These roses have been sprayed a vibrant purple and just look amazing.
  • Orange Gerberas This bouquet of orange Gerberas from florist A New Leaf, combines a vibrant colour and simple design.