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10 Alternative Wedding Bouquets

If you love fresh blossoms but want a design that's long-lasting, be sure to consider an alternative wedding bouquet! From silk and linen flowers to brooch and cupcake arrangements, there's a diverse range of eye-catching options to choose from.

Woman lying in sand wearing a flower crown made with red flowers and other foliage, holding a coordinating bouquet of dried flowers

Woman lying in sand wearing a flower crown made with red flowers and other foliage, holding a coordinating bouquet of dried flowers

Wedding bouquets are a timeless tradition that dates back to Ancient Rome. For hundreds of years, nearlyweds have carried garlands or floral arrangements to signify new beginnings, fidelity, and the hope of fertility as they embark on a new journey with their beloved. Today, many couples continue the custom, but often add their own unique twist to classic designs.

When envisioning your ideal bouquet for your big day, however, you don't have to feel limited to fresh blossoms! From dried wildflowers to arrangements made from dazzling brooches or even paper, there is a wide range of alternative wedding bouquets to choose from. Better yet, these non-floral options will remain beautifully intact as a tangible reminder of your happily ever after for years to come.

To help you find a bespoke arrangement that sparks joy, we've curated an edit of our favourite alternative bouquets! Whether you're a fan of boho-chic or elegant aesthetics, this selection has got you covered. You could even take inspiration from seasonal wedding styles and flowers for a truly eye-catching bouquet.

1. The Juliette Silk Flower Bouquet - €145.07, Not On The High Street 

image of a newlywed holding a realistic silk flower bouquet complete with pink roses and cascading blossoms

For a wedding bouquet that still has that floral feel, consider a realistic fabric bouquet. We love this silk flower arrangement by Lily Maud tiaras & Wedding Flowers, which includes cascading blossoms and pink roses. Match your fabric wedding bouquet with the colour of your bridesmaid gowns to really create some symmetry in your celebration photos!

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2. Paper Flower Bouquet - €82.67, Etsy

image of a paper floral bouquet with pink and white tones

Whether you're a fan of origami or simply appreciate the skilled art form, a paper flower bouquet could be the perfect option for your wedding day. This paper floral arrangement incorporates all the details of real flowers, resulting in an authentic yet everlasting design that you can treasure for years to come. Better yet, the style can be customized entirely to your liking.

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3. Champagne Feather Wedding Bouquet - €104.48, Etsy

Champagne and white feather bouquet with small satin roses and satin bouquet wrap, sitting on a tree stump with a grassy backdrop

Radiate old Hollywood glamour as you walk down the aisle with this feather wedding bouquet in hand. Reminiscent of the roaring 20s, this luxe bouquet is complete with high-quality feathers, as well as satin roses and rhinestones. This arrangement, with its elegant champagne tones, is an ideal alternative for fans of vintage-inspired designs. The store also has a dusky rose feather bouquet available.

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4. Burgundy Wedding Bouquet - from €37.50, Etsy

Woman lying in sand wearing a flower crown made with red flowers and other foliage, holding a coordinating bouquet of dried flowers

Nearlyweds who are obsessed with everything boho or contemporary-chic will love these dried flower arrangements! The aesthetic possibilities when it comes to these bouquets are truly endless, with matching flower crowns also available. No matter your style, you're sure to find a dried floral design that aligns with your vision.

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5. Sci-Fi-Inspired Wedding Bouquet with Brooches - €274.76, Etsy

Top of alternative wedding bouquet which features pearls, buttons, brooches, artificial flowers, two lightsabers making a heart shape, and a gold bauble with silhouettes of Luke and Leia from Star Wars, with a banner underneath saying

If you want a wedding bouquet that says something about your interest, then Etsy shop Maddison Rocks has you covered. We've picked this cool Star Wars-inspired bouquet, which even has light-up heart-shaped lightsabers, but there are also Harry Potter and Beauty and the Beast styles to choose from.

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6. Winter Bouquet with Pine Cones and Evergreen - from €75.66, Etsy

image of a newlywed holding a bouquet full of pine cones and wood flowers

This stunning bouquet made from pine cones and delicate wood flowers is an ideal choice for a winter wedding day. The cones, complemented by evergreen branches, are a perfect nod to the colder season. The exquisite roses featured in this design are thoughtfully crafted from softwood and can be dyed to align with an array of colour schemes. After your event, this alternative bouquet will last for years to come, and it could even be lovingly repurposed for another milestone occasion.

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7. Retro Button Bouquet - €150.20, Etsy

image of a bouquet made out of pink and purple buttons, set against a white fabric backdrop

If you are looking for an everlasting wedding bouquet that aligns with your unique personal style, why not consider a button bouquet? This handcrafted arrangement by BunnyRaeStudio would be perfect for retro-themed celebrations. What's more, you could even turn the design process into a hen party activity for you and your nearest and dearest to enjoy!

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8. Linen Flower Bouquet - €58.03, Not On The High Street

image of a blue-and-beige linen flower bouquet in a metal plant pot

If you adore boho-inspired, DIY aesthetics, then this linen flower bouquet is sure to spark joy! Carefully crafted from floral fabric, the handmade arrangement can align with an array of colour schemes and celebration styles. From soft pinks and beiges to refreshing blues and purples, there's a wide variety of hues to choose from.

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9. Leather Bouquet with Magnolias and Peonies - from €178.63, Etsy

Hand holding up a bouquet of burgundy, purple, and white peonies, magnolias, and greenery made from leather in front of a window

For another take on a realistic yet long-lasting wedding bouquet, how about a leather floral arrangement? This vibrant design consists of magnolias, peonies, and sprigs of greenery. You have different sizes to choose from and can also customise the type of flower with some from the shop's other bouquets.

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10. Cake Bouquet - €30.04, HappyFlourGlasgow

image of a cake bouquet with roses and baby's breath

Your sweet tooth will love this alternative cake bouquet option! The arrangement is as delicious as it is aesthetically pleasing, featuring macarons, cupcakes and chocolate-covered strawberries as well as delicate baby's breath. This bouquet may not last forever, but it's sure to go down a treat after your ceremony.

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Once you've picked out a breathtaking bouquet for your milestone celebration, be sure to choose other bespoke details to complete your wedding vision! These fun floral bridesmaid dresses are perfect for nearlyweds who can't get enough of beautiful, nature-inspired aesthetics.