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Making Your Own Wedding Invites

Advice and ideas- helping you make your own wedding invitations

The cost of wedding invitations is on the rise and so it is becoming difficult to get a nice wedding invitation within a reasonable budget. With all the various enclosures that now go into wedding invitations, the cost of stationery for your invites can be really high. A simple yet effective way of saving money on wedding invitations is to make them yourself.

Making your own invites may not seem particularly easy but you can get plenty of help from colour printers and computer software which collectively make the whole process a lot easier.

You can now download many different designs, colours and fonts from the internet and print them onto card paper to create imaginative wedding invitations. The cost of card is considerably cheaper and printers are available to use at very affordable rates and so you can create wonderful wedding invitations without having to break the bank.

There are also plenty of DIY kits available in shops that contain everything you need to make your own invitations. By being artistic and adding a bit of effort, you can have wonderfully customized wedding invitations.

To add a little decoration, you can use dried flowers or different coloured ribbons to make your invites truly unique. If you want to make them really personal, find a nice picture of you and your fiancé and have it transferred onto your invites.

Embossing stamps can be used to make your invitations really stand out. Just by using a simple design or stamp alongside your initials can make your home made wedding invitation look very stylish.

By using a little creativity, you can come up with some wonderful ideas to make your own wedding invites. You will, hopefully, have plenty of fun making them and save a large amount of money at the same time.