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Putting Together Your Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation Etiquette: putting together your wedding invitation

Putting together a wedding invitation can be tricky. It does not just involve putting the invitation in the envelope and being finished. There are many types of enclosures or inserts that need to be added to a wedding invitation.

Response cards and reception cards are the most common enclosures to be put with a wedding invitation. Whether inside the ribbon cards, maps and directions and at-home cards will be included will be determined by the type of wedding you are having.

Furthermore, the actual invitation and all its enclosures can’t simply be stuffed into the envelope in any sort of manner. There is a particular way in which the invitation and each enclosure need to be put into the envelopes.

The invitation and all of its enclosures will need to be put into the envelope with the printing facing you and the envelope back facing you. There are two ways in which to put the enclosures; either on top of the invitation or inside of it (providing it is folded like a book). For invitations that have multiple folds, the enclosures should go inside of the first fold, with the printed side facing upwards.

All enclosures will need to be placed on top of the invitation in order of importance. Those that are most important will need to go on the bottom and those that are least important need to go on top. We recommend following the example:

1) Wedding Invitation

2) Reception invitation

3) Response card envelope

4) Response card

5) Inside-the-ribbon cards

6) Directions

7) Map

Lay out the invitations and their enclosures to be absolutely sure that you have one of each. In the order specified above, put the enclosures either on or inside of the invitation. Make sure the response card is tucked safely inside the flap of the response card envelope; this should go underneath the card. Take the invitation and put it into its envelope, ensuring that the folded side is facing inwards and the open side is facing outwards. The end result should be that the enclosures and the back flap of the envelope should face you.

Put everything inside the inner envelope if you have chosen to use both inner and outer envelopes. The inner envelope should traditionally then go inside of the outer envelope. The writing on the inner envelope should then face the back flap of the outer envelope.

You will also need to remember that all envelopes, the response card envelope, inner envelope and outer envelope should be addressed by hand.