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Wedding Invitation Terms

All the terms you need to know for wedding invitations

Picking out a wedding invitation, wording invitations, addressing them, posting them; this all adds up to a considerably amount of time and effort being spent on wedding invitations. As if all that isn’t enough, you cannot understand half the terms that are associated with wedding invitations which can make this job even more time consuming and rather confusing. So we have provided for you a glossary of wedding invitation terms to help you out.


Calligraphy is a style of writing. It is considered an art and developed from old italic script, originally done by hand. Today however, calligraphy is often done using calligraphy machines. This is often the preferred method to use when addressing wedding invitations.

Blind Embossing

This is a form of printing, whereby a design is pressed onto paper, giving the end result of a raised image. It is called ‘blind’ because there is no ink or foil used when forming the design.


This refers to informal stationery which is occasionally used for writing thank-you notes and other such informal cards.


This is a type of fold often used in wedding invitations. It involves folding the paper twice; once horizontally and once vertically to create a four part invitation.

Rain Cards

These are included with the wedding invitation and are generally used to inform guests of the alternate site for the wedding should there be rain on the day.

Envelope Linings

These are small pieces of tissue that are sometimes used in formal wedding invitations to add a more unique touch.


This is a procedure whereby some part of the wedding invitation (usually the raised or embossed designs) are given a shiny pearl-like finish to make it more luminous.

Ceremony Program

This is a list which details the order of songs and prayers of the wedding ceremony, also giving the names of attendants and musicians.


This is a type of fold whereby the paper is folded but slightly off from the center. This creates a short-fold and a longer back fold in the invite.


This is a type of paper that is used for wedding invitations with gives a smooth and lustrous finish.


Ecru is a creamy beige colour that is often used in wedding invitations.