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How to Have a Traditional Wedding

A Traditional Wedding

It is important for many that the day they get married is a day of tradition. What we think makes a couple decide to have a traditional marriage rather than wed in a registry office is that it is a chance to have a day-long celebration that centres on them. Furthermore, age-old traditions are what have sealed the marriages of countless couples throughout history.

During the ceremony itself, the bride will walk down the aisle with her father, who will then “give her away” to the groom. This is a tradition that stems from the time when fathers assumed possession of their daughter as they considered them to be a commodity. Even though this custom is still very much carried out today, the ideology behind it does not carry meaning anymore.

There are many other customs that a bride and groom should consider when planning a traditional ceremony. For example, when they become engaged, they should traditionally set the date. Some superstitions also determine which months are lucky to marry in and which are ominous. For example, couples that wed in May rue the day because May is the month when the Romans used to celebrate the feast of the death. Should a couple marry in the New Year however, they are destined to have a loving and kind relationship.

It is unsurprising therefore, that certain months are harder to book because tradition states that they will bring good luck. These months include January, April, June, September and December. Furthermore, superstition has also stated that if a couple were to wed on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, they are more likely to have a blissful marriage.

The women should always ensure that they have a bridesmaid when it comes to the bridal attire. Tradition states that the bride should dress her maids in similar gowns as this will confuse any evil spirits as to her identity and therefore ward them off. This also applies to the groom and his best man. It is also important for the groom to carry a lucky token in his pocket during the ceremony. Furthermore, the sum of money he contributes to the minister should be an odd number.

Customs and traditions that are involved with wedding ceremonies are there to give a couple only the very best start to their marriage. So when planning a wedding, they are all worth taking into consideration.