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The 9 Types of Wedding Guest to Expect

What to expect on your big day
Types of Wedding Guest

Each wedding has its own quirks but if you are planning your wedding day then be warned, there are nine types of wedding guest that repeatedly like to show up! Take a look at how to spot them a mile off and how to deal with one at your wedding...

The Paparazzi Guest

This guest will be there camera in hand almost as often as your wedding photographer, there to offer lighting tips and advice on “great angles” to all who will listen – a glass of prosecco in one hand and their digital SLR in the other.

Types of Wedding Guest

How to Deal with the Paparazzi Guest...

You may get some great photos from paparazzi guest! But if they begin to overstep the mark and get in your official photographers way, a gentle word from an usher should help keep their lens at bay.

The Woman in White

We all know the rule to not wear white on someone else’s wedding day but there is always one! The woman in white will claim her dress is champagne, ivory, gold or blush pink, but we all know the truth.

How to Deal with the Woman in White...

The best way to deal with this wedding show-stealer is just to ignore it. No matter how nice her dress, YOU are the bride and that is where everyone is looking.

Some Guy

There will always be “some guy” or “some girl” and no one has a clue who they are! Perhaps they are a plus one of a work colleague, or maybe they just wondered in off the street!

How to Deal with Some Guy...

If you are faced with a wedding guest you simply can’t place, be generic, thank them for coming and then spend the rest of your life pointing at your wedding pics trying to work out who that guy is.

The Dancer

There is always one guest who is dancing all night long; in fact you don’t really know where their energy has come from! The dancer tends to pull in those from the sidelines and always encourages others to dance.

How to Deal with the Dancer...

The dancing guest can be great at getting the party started and bringing others to the dance floor. Just beware the overzealous dancer that becomes hot and sweaty and will be reaching for your hand each time you walk past!

The Serial Facebooker/Tweeter/Instgrammer

This guest will spend more time taking selfies, updating their status and congratulating you online than actually talking to you on the day.

Types of Wedding Guest

How to Deal with the Serial Social Guest...

If you want to keep social sharing to a minimum until you have shared your own pictures of the special day, consider a polite note on your invitations or encourage guests to use a wedding photo app instead.

The Wedding Guest Professional

The professional guest will be dress appropriately, clap at all the right times, ensure their phone is on silent at all times and have biodegradable confetti at the ready after the ceremony.

How to Deal with the Wedding Guest Professional...

Sit your wedding guest professional with your more unruly guests and hope they instil some wedding etiquette to more raucous tables.

The Predator

Whether male or female, the predator is newly single and using your wedding as the perfect opportunity to find a date!

Types of Wedding Guest

How to Deal with the Wedding Predator...

Try and seat your wedding predators together to limit their reach!

The Drunk One

That one guest that goes from sober to slaughtered in about five minutes and is heading towards your pristine dress with arms outstretched for a sweaty, slobbering hug.

Types of Wedding Guest

How to Deal with the Drunk One...

Try and use a bridesmaid buffer and thrust them in the drunk ones path to distract them.

The Over-Emotional One

The “it-should-be-me” guest uses your wedding as a time to re-evaluate their lives and decides that it’s all gone terribly wrong.

How to Deal with the Over emotional One...

Send an usher or a bridesmaid to comfort/contain the emotional one, it usually doesn’t take long for them to be smiling and dancing after their short wedding breakdown.

Have you encountered any other types of wedding guest? We’d love to hear them!