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Crazy Wedding Themes

The craziest wedding themes you have ever heard!

You will remember your wedding day for the rest of your life no matter what the ceremony was. Many brides will opt for a traditional church ceremony, followed by a three course sit down meal and a disco afterwards. However, there are a select few couples who decide to tie the knot in rather more unusual ways, with an event that will mean something special to all involved.

At the very start of the planning process, you will need to consider a theme to plan your unusual ceremony around. Perhaps you are a couple who would like to get married in a ceremony that everyone will be talking about for years to come, with crazy and unexpected celebrations to stun your guests. Or perhaps a ceremony that is meaningful and personal to you both?

The trilogy of The Pirates of the Caribbean has stirred the imaginations of many couples with pirate-themed weddings involving a plank for an aisle and palm trees littered everywhere. Star Wars fans have been known to dress up in Jedi robes, with Darth Vader conducting the ceremony.

Hopefully, most couples are planning on getting married just the one time and so it is unsurprising that many choose to go all out on the big day. However, even if you do not feel brave enough to go the whole way with a crazy wedding, just a wacky entrance can be enough to appease the wild child inside of you. For example, take Katie Price who arrived in a pumpkin carriage, wearing an enormous dress and pink tiara. Many couples rock up on Harley- Davidson’s or go for a renaissance themed wedding and have jesters proceed up the aisle before you.

If that is not wacky enough for you, some couples have chosen to shed their former lives to embrace a new start together. This can be taken literally, by stripping off and having a nudist wedding. Be aware however, that public nudity is not accepted in society and there are many wedding venues that may not allow it. If this idea appeals to you, perhaps get married in another country, whereby nudity is accepted. Somewhere warm, on a nudist beach is a good idea.

This is your chance to be creative but you need to be sure that all those involved in your wedding will be happy to take part in it. Most importantly however, remember that wacky does not always have to mean tacky.