DIY Wedding Ideas

Have a wedding as unique as you


Doing it yourself is a great way of making your wedding day personal to you. Create your own wedding invites, bake your own favours, you can even film your own wedding day and then have it edited by professionals! Here at, we have found some great ways to personalise your wedding and make it totally unique.

Get Creative

Creative Park

A great way to kick off your unique wedding is to invite your guests with a handmade wedding invitation that you have created yourself.

If you are not blessed with a crafty side then Creative Park from Canon can help you on your way. Creative Park is a totally free stationery making tool and is so simple that even a crafting novice with an unsteady hand can create something fantastic!

All you need to do is go to the Creative Park website where you will find a huge range of wedding stationery templates along with instructions, ready to print out on your home printer onto your paper of choice. You can customise your invites with you own choice of ribbons, glitter and anything else you want to add.

Sarah Beaman, Professional Craft Designer, gives her advice on creating your own invitations:

“Don’t fret when you find it difficult to achieve the level of perfection you had aimed for; it’s the little variations and quirks that add that special touch and others will not be scrutinising things in the same way. Above all; make the experience fun, adapting your ideas and the hand-crafted elements to suit the time you have available. Be realistic about what you can achieve within the time frame and enjoy making some of the required items well rather than add to the stress levels with unachievable goals. Consider asking the hens, bridesmaids or family members to help with some of the tasks; a few hours of companionable cutting and gluing might be helpful and well worth a bribe of coffee and cupcakes, though the offer of something a little stronger may further fuel their enthusiasm!”

Shoot It Yourself

Shoot It Yourself is a fantastic new concept for wedding videos! Instead of hiring a videographer to film your wedding day, Shoot It Yourself is a great service that hires out professional video cameras to the happy couple and their guests so they can film the wedding themselves. Shoot It Yourself will then edit all your footage into a professional wedding DVD. Here is how it works:


Pick a few friends who you trust to be responsible for the filming on the day and they will be sent a link to an online video tutorial to learn to use the camera.


The day before the wedding, the cameras and tapes will be shipped to your house, wherever you are in Ireland, by midday so that your Shoot It Yourself-ers can get some practise in before the big day.


On your wedding day if each of your friends have a go at filming ‘their own bit’ rather than a burden, it is actually really great fun!


After the wedding, Shoot It Yourself collect the cameras and the tapes and get to work on making you a totally personal wedding video.

Hiring cameras and ‘shooting it yourself’ has some great benefits! Rather than having a stranger following you and your guests around all day, you instead get a more fun and personal wedding video. You will also find your guests warm up to the camera a lot quicker with people that they know filming them. But as well as this you also get the great benefit of having highly skilled professionals edit your wedding video with music and graphics of your choice.

Get Baking!

Image taken from Squires Kitchen’s Guide to Making Macaroons by Mark Tilling

Many brides-to-be are now choosing to make their own edible wedding favours, giving their special day a much more personal touch. Making your own also means you can save money and have exactly what you want, with your imagination as the only limit.

To help give you some ideas, Squires Kitchen has put together 3 baking ideas, perfect for a DIY wedding.

Tiny Treats

Miniature cupcake cases are a quarter of the size of standard cupcakes making them perfect bite-sized treats for your guests. You can also theme them so that they tie in with your colour scheme.

Parisian-style Macaroons

If you are looking for something pretty and elegant then pastel colour macaroons make beautiful favours — try pale blue macaroons with edible pearls studded around the middle.

Romantic Roses

Bake cupcakes in baroque style cupcake cases and top with fruit fondant icing and a little sugar rose, a crystallized rose or a crystallized violet. Check out Squires Kitchen’s easy-to-use rose mould that you push your modelling paste into to make a perfectly complete, classic rose shape — so simple!


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