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Does Your Wedding Have the 'Wow' Factor?

Give your wedding a little something extra to truly amaze your guests!

Undoubtedly, you will want your guests to leave your wedding saying ‘wow, now that was the best wedding I have ever been to!’ Well, we have a few ideas that could help give your wedding the wow factor that will leave your friends and family talking about your big day for many months.

If your wedding is being held in a huge church or grand cathedral, a big wedding dress will perfectly compliment this to make you feel like a fairy princess. For smaller weddings, we recommend an elegant, chic but equally stunning dress that will ensure you receive compliments throughout the day and well into the night.

After the ceremony is over, your guests are likely to be hanging around for a bit whilst the photographer creates some wonderful wedding memories. You could make this part slightly more interesting for your guests by adding hibiscus flowers to their champagne glasses. It will sit at the bottom of the glass and throughout the drink; the bubbles will gently allow the flower to open, releasing a raspberry flavour to the drink. Alternatively, have a pianist or string quartet play some relaxing music to keep your guests entertained whilst they wait.

Once the meal is finished and the speeches are all over, your wedding will really begin to get exciting and all your guests will want to join you on the dance floor. A truly excellent band or DJ will help to keep your wedding alive and your guests on their feet until the very end of the party. It is essential to make sure that everyone stays as long as possible and keep the party going so that it doesn’t fade out towards the end. Ask to hear your chosen band’s music before putting down any deposits as this is the liveliest part of the day and could make or break the whole day itself. Your guests should have the time of their lives if the drink is flowing, the music is excellent and the venue is just a cab ride away from home.

Top Tips from

  • Surprise your guests with something different and exciting during the reception
  • Choose a dress that will stun your guests and has the ultimate ‘wow’ factor
  • Keep the atmosphere buzzing with maximum entertainment and a few surprises through out the day and into the night