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Finding the Perfect Colour scheme for Your wedding

Colour schemes - every wedding needs one!

Every aspect of a wedding requires a lot of thought and attention to detail is absolutely essential to make your day stunningly beautiful and set it apart from the norm.

Although choosing the perfect venue, transport, the dress and the reception menu should be at the top of every couple’s ‘to-do’ list, there is another area that needs careful consideration before anything else can be decided- and that is the ever important colour scheme.

Whilst elegant ivory or white dresses and smart black suits are ideal for the bride and groom, a splash of colour should be injected into the big day and there are several ways in which this can be achieved.

The bridesmaid’s dresses are the biggest indicator to guests of the colour scheme. Those people who will be preceding the bride down the aisle will bring warmth and life into the venue, so choosing the right colour is essential.

Taking into consideration the time of year in which you hope the big day will occur is one way of making it is much easier for couples to select a colour. During the autumn and winter months, we suggest choosing warm, dark and richly vibrant colours like purple, crimson and midnight blue. Summer months demand much lighter colours of pale pinks and sky blues.

Providing that the colours chosen compliment the theme of the wedding and appear throughout the day, it will be stunning.

For example, take the bridesmaids’ dresses. Plenty of couples will opt to mirror the colour of the grooms and his groomsmen’s ties or cummerbunds. Similarly, the pocket flower worn by the men could also be of the same shade as the dresses.

The colour of the flowers carried by the bride and her bridesmaids should be similar to that of the overall colour scheme but it does not have to be exactly the same. For example, a wedding with a colour scheme that is based on a deep, dark purple could introduce cream and off white flowers in the bouquets. It is always important not to go crazy with one colour, getting the right balance that is also complementary is a must.

Brides and grooms should also be careful when selecting wedding transport as it will also need to fit in with the colour scheme. For example, to have a hot pink limo arrive at the church with bridesmaids dresses in a salmon colour step out would be a complete disaster.

Lastly, the mothers and fathers of both the bride and groom always need to be updated on colour schemes so that they can dress appropriately to make sure they do not clash with any colours in the wedding photos.