Re-Cycle and Re-Use Your Wedding Gear

Be eco-friendly with your wedding


Some of the items from your wedding may have sentimental value so you might want to hold on to them for a while. But after spending thousands on your big day, you might want to make the most of your purchases and re-use them in different ways.

Catch Up Over Cake

If you are left with more wedding cupcakes than you can handle then why not use it as a great excuse to invite your friends and family round for a cup of tea and a sweet treat. Entertaining at home will also help you save the pennies after the big expense of your wedding!

Wedding Cake

Transform Your Dress

Why not wear your wedding dress again; having your gown shortened could give it a whole new lease of life. Alternatively, you could save it for now, keeping in mind that you could hand down to your future daughter, she could use the fabric to create her own gown or if you have chosen a timeless style then wear it how it is.

Wedding Dress

Sell Your Décor

If you spent a fortune of pretty mason jars or delicate vases then why not consider selling them online. If you feel sentimental towards them then you could keep a handful and then sell the rest, realistically there is never going to be a time where you are in need of 40 glass vases!

Dye Your Shoes

One of the easiest things to re-use will be your wedding shoes. If you chose to have shoes in bridal white then you could get them dyed to another colour, those beautiful bridal ivory sandals could be transformed into show-stopping vibrant shoes.

Wedding Shoes

Keep Wearing Your Bridal Jewellery

It’s easy to put your bridal jewellery away for safe keeping and then completely forget about it, make a point of re-wearing your bridal jewels when you go for a romantic meal out or on your anniversary.


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