Wedding Gift Lists

All you need to know to create your perfect wedding gift list


To organise a wedding takes a lot of time and effort and once the venue, the date and the dress has all been decided, there is still an enormous list of things to plan and arrange. One of the most exciting jobs to do next is choose a wedding gift list. This is a chance for you and your partner to choose what you want your family and friends to buy for you, to celebrate your big day. Choose a service that suits you both as a couple and the style of wedding you are intending to have.

To help ease all the hard work, has provided a list of tips and advice to help make choosing your wedding list an exciting and much easier task.

Firstly, it is important to do your homework. Start searching for your wedding list service at least two months before you intend to send out invitations to your guests. Ask around any friends who have recently been married where they had their gift list and whether they were fully satisfied with the service that they received. Ask questions like: were their presents delivered on time? Would they have changed anything about the service? Was it easy to create a list? All these will help you when checking out all the options available to you.

For a more traditional type of gift list, a department store such as House of Fraser or Shaws. Department stores are an excellent source for finding household items and they have much wider variety. If you have made the decision to go for a department store, set aside a weekend to walk around the many different sections the store has to find out if their products are what you are looking for, and to compile your list. Some stores do have restrictions on what can be put onto your list and so it is important for you to be aware of all the rules before you set your sights on something. Many department stores have dedicated wedding planners or assistants who will lend a helping hand throughout your wedding list planning. Remember to ask about any extra charges for thing like delivery that may be added to items or any special offers that may be available to your guests as an added incentive to purchase a gift from your list.

If you would rather not go to a department store to shop, there are some alternative options available that might suit you better as a couple. Perhaps you are just setting up home together and need to re-decorate or add a few finishing touches to some incomplete rooms in the house, a company who can offer store vouchers may be best for you. This avoids delivery charges and confusion for your guests if they cannot choose from your exhaustive gift list.

We hope you have found our advice helpful and we wish you all the best in composing your wedding gift list.


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